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Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

A big thank you to those students who joined me for the first week of drop-in Viewpoints classes at Prospect Theater Project! I loved getting to explore Spatial Relationship and Tempo with you: watching you play and inhabit the room was really joyful. 270 more words


Chess Match No. 5 – Movement, Light, Sound, a Board Game

The experiential onslaught of Chess Match No. 5 begins as you enter the steeply pitched seating of the June Havoc Theatre. Suspended iridescent strings of bare bulbs – a not infrequent element of set designs over the past few years – are illuminated before the show begins at high intensity. 687 more words

Theater (reviews)

Book Response to Anne Bogart’s A Director Prepares

When In Doubt, When You Are Lost, Don’t Stop

Art serves us best precisely at that point where it can shift our sense of what is possible, when we know more than we knew before, when we feel we have – by some manner of a leap – encountered the truth. 992 more words

Everybody's Doing It

Blogging is dead.

Blogging is not dead.

More accurately, as Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) puts it,

The only thing that’s dead is the possibility of making a million bucks on blogging, which honestly never existed as an attainable goal for any of us in the first place.  

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Writing Process

The Babushkas of Chernobyl (2015)

Ukraine/US 72m, Colour
Directors: Holly Morris, Anne Bogart: Babushkas: Hanna Zavorotyna, Maria Shovkuta, Valentyna Ivanivna

The Babushkas of Chernobyl is a poignant story of a small group of high-spirited elderly women who returned home to live in one of the most contaminated places on earth. 95 more words


Theater is Weird 1: Viewpoints

I’ve been acting since 8th grade and I haven’t been one of those theater kids that is in it for the social aspect or the impromptu bubbly showtunes singing with your cast mates. 282 more words