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Anne Francis reading fan mail

Anne Francis: born Ann Marvak, 16 September 1930, Ossining New York; died 2 January 2011, Santa Barbara California.


Episode review: Columbo A Stitch in Crime

Columbo went where no man has gone before on 11 February, 1973 by casting Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy in the role of murderous medic Dr Barry Mayfield. 3,440 more words


Forbidden Planet (1956) [review]

This is an absolute classic that deserve all the praise that it receives. This is a pure pleasure to watch as we jump straight into action of a team not far from landing on a planet, a planet which they have been sent to recover those who landed there many years before. 361 more words


Past Imperfect - #107

Anne hit the perfect-husband jackpot when she found a man who did what he was told, didn’t have to be fed, never argued, put her on a pedestal, and provided her with an endless supply of luxury footwear. 400 more words


Film #615: Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)

When writing the three posts about Hitchcock films recently on the blog, I discussed how the director was able to build up tension using various cinematic techniques. 1,035 more words

Best Director

Impasse (1969)

Looking to jump start his flagging career, Burt Reynolds signed on to this location shoot in the Philippines for a tale of four adventurers looking for a fortune in lost gold from WW2. 714 more words

Daily Take

Teenage Devil Dolls / One Way Ticket To Hell (1956)

‘The junkies call them Goofballs and Cassandra was about as goofed up on Seconal as the physical limitations of the human body can stand.’

A frustrated and misunderstood teenage girl joins a motorcycle gang and begins smoking reefers. 644 more words

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