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Impasse (1969)

Looking to jump start his flagging career, Burt Reynolds signed on to this location shoot in the Philippines for a tale of four adventurers looking for a fortune in lost gold from WW2. 714 more words

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Teenage Devil Dolls / One Way Ticket To Hell (1956)

‘The junkies call them Goofballs and Cassandra was about as goofed up on Seconal as the physical limitations of the human body can stand.’

A frustrated and misunderstood teenage girl joins a motorcycle gang and begins smoking reefers. 644 more words

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Forbidden Planet(1956)

One of the greatest Science Fiction films ever made, and featuring some of the most unforgettable images in the history of the genre. The special effects in this were extremely impressive for the 50’s, and they still impress when viewed today. 669 more words

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