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Old School Movie Review: The Princess Diaries

I’ve never seen Disney’s “The Princess Diaries” mainly because I was never really a big Anne Hathaway fan. She’s very talented, don’t get me wrong. But when this movie was released, she was starting the era was she was literally in everything. 745 more words


The Monsters in All of Us: "Colossal" Review

All of us have things we’re not proud of. Sometimes they’re simple things, sometimes they are big and complex. Regardless of who you are, at some point in life, those things you’re not proud of are going to have to be dealt with in some way or another. 860 more words


Η Anne Hathaway έκανε ένα fashion statement για όλα τα βαλάντια με το φόρεμα που φόρεσε σε τηλεοπτική της εμφάνιση.

Η Anne Hathaway είναι ένα από τα μεγάλα γυναικεία ονόματα του Χόλιγουντ, με αρκετές εμπορικές στη φιλμογραφία της και ένα Όσκαρ πάνω από το τζάκι της, αλλά αυτό δε σημαίνει ότι ξοδεύει πάντα ένα σκασμό λεφτά για τις δημόσιες εμφανίσεις της.

Έτσι, την περασμένη εβδομάδα η γλυκύτατη Anne έδωσε μαθήματα προσιτής κομψότητας, φορώντας σε εμφάνισή στην πρωινή εκπομπή του ABC το πολύ χαριτωμένο φόρεμα που βλέπετε στην παραπάνω φωτογραφία, το οποίο


A Little Bit of Bizarre - Colossal

Sometimes, a little bit of magic and mystery is exactly what you need. A dark comedy about responsibility and redemption, Colossal delivers an original take on ordinary problems…and oh yea, Kaiju.    616 more words



First, a word from our sponsors: I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign for 15 Conversations in 10 Minutes. 951 more words

Anne Hathaway Speaks

My husband Will was not inattentive to me, though this is what most folk assumed. True he lived in London and I saw him scarce, but when he arrived back to Stratford, O then! 1,161 more words

Daily Prompt


Self-destructive behavior is toxic and harmful to others. Especially when you’re self-destructive and control a Kaiju. Wait, what?

“Colossal” stars Anne Hathaway as Gloria. She’s an unemployed alcoholic who’s boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) dumps her. 298 more words