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thoughts on a Saturday night

This is just a random post, no book review tonight, to tired to think to much tonight but not quite ready to go to bed. … 427 more words


Throwback Thursday - Freedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey

Renee began Throwback Thursday at Its Book Talk as a way to share some of her old favorites as well as sharing books that she wants to read that were published over a year ago. 337 more words

Tough Travels - Dragons

Every month, Fantasy Faction runs a feature where they seek out examples of fantasy tropes. Other bloggers are welcome to join in, finding their own books to match the given topic. 486 more words


Book Cover Matters/Book Covers Matter - Part 2

So, I could probably carry on rambling about all the random things I think and feel about book covers indefinitely, but that would get boring and I would get tired. 1,758 more words


Book Cover Matters/Book Covers Matter Part 1

Book covers matter to me.

That’s not to say that I only read books that I find attractive, and I’ll read something recommended to me no matter what its cover looks like if I am intrigued and inspired by what I hear about it. 1,364 more words


Poll: Who is the most influential science fiction writer?

For many years science fiction got a really bad rap. It was fantastical fiction of no substance, a poor relation to literary fiction, or to any other kind of fiction (except maybe romance); it was often considered a flight of fancy. 161 more words

Science Fiction

How I met the author: Anne McCaffrey

An infrequent and random series of posts musing about my introduction to some of my favourite writers.

A funny thing happened at the shop one day… 748 more words