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Summer in shorts

As you may already know, whilst summer is the optimum time for short-wearing, it’s not always the best time for short-reading.  Indeed, the sun has warped my brain a little and sent me slightly off track, so for this quartely review things might not be what they seem and a short story might not always just be a short story. 668 more words

Writing About Writing

"Dragondrums" and "Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey

So I genuinely intended to review Dragondrums by itself, but life happened and then I already read Moreta, and so here we are!

This was my second reading of  992 more words

Book Review

Dragonriders of Pern Movie? Yes Please!

“It is said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, so can a thousand words. They are the keys by which we can unlock new and amazing worlds, some of which ascend beyond the imagination, and it all begins on the first page.” 931 more words


Craft Study: Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

Title: Dragonflight
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Age: Young Adult +
Is This Part of a Series?: Yes (Book 1 of a trilogy; plus many other books set on this planet) 725 more words

Book Review

Book Review: The City Who Fought by Anne McCaffrey and S.M. Stirling

What do you call someone else’s nostalgia?

As, to be honest, I never read much McCaffrey when I was a kid. Like, maybe one or two of the Pern books, but they just didn’t hook me as they did to a lot of other folks. 1,646 more words

Teaser Tuesday 9/8/15: (Still) "The Dragonriders of Pern"

So this week I’m (shocker!) still reading the 800-odd-page long Dragonriders of Pern trilogy — I think I’m somewhere near the beginning of the second book, which begins about seven years after the end of the first one. 332 more words


Teaser Tuesday 9/1/15: "The Dragonriders of Pern"

So this week I’m reading a little thing called The Dragonriders of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey.  Maybe you’ve heard of it. 297 more words