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If it’s anti-gravity ice cream, he knows where to stuff it,

It’s elderly stockmarket tycoon, Warren “All you can eat ” Buffet-t

Between the Dairy Queen and the Burger King he owns it’s a dang miracle he’s got to 208 years old. 1,032 more words

We're amazed this shocking moment on The Weakest Link ever made it onto television

We all remember The Weakest Link for being intentionally cruel and mean – but we forgot just how personal the insults towards contestants sometimes got and this video makes us wonder how some of it ever made it onto television given the show’s teatime slot. 307 more words


Anne Robinson took to the streets of London on Tuesday wearing a burqa

Anne Robinson was spotted filming in London today… dressed in a burqa.

The BBC presenter was caught on camera on Kensington High StreetĀ dressed in theĀ full body cloak worn by some Muslim women and stannding alongside another women in similar robes. 301 more words