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Scanning using CM mat on SDX machine

Hi folks

Just a quick link to a video I made showing that you can use the same method (see my previous post) with my original CM scanning mat and scan on my SDX machine.




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February 19, 2019 poetry sonnet journal


I sometimes walked in the afternoons
to the department store, looking
at all the heart cards for Valentine’s
Day — like everything was finished, 330 more words

Poem Of The Day

Using Original sNc cutting mats on the SDX machines

Hi folks

I had a thought about the number or us who have the new SDX and still have original mats or scanning mats from our first machines. 199 more words


February 13, 2019 poetry journal

Valentine’s Day

I never can lose again what I’ve lost,
and I never can forget what I’ve lost,
her voice is still sounding in my ears. 108 more words

Poem Of The Day

(Featured Image Credit: Joni and Friends)

So first off, what is an STM? An STM is a Short Term Missionary. My 2 older sisters and I have applied to do a Joni and Friends Family Retreat this summer.

567 more words


As we move up in years’ technology is supposed to be better, and there should be better, and better horror films. In 2018 we failed… We failed big time. 270 more words