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Poem - Mother And Daughter - Anne Sextom 

Linda, you are leaving

your old body now,

It lies flat, an old butterfly,

all arm, all leg, all wing,

loose as an old dress. … 270 more words


Life Lessons

Why should students consider studying Comm Arts at Marywood, you ask?

Well, I’ve compiled a list of the top five life lessons that Communication Arts students learn during their time at Marywood. 477 more words


"A nice tub bath!" Wednesday September 25th, 2013

Skies of blue greeted Dude as he strolled to the bus.  It was a special morning and Chloe was riding the early bus so her mommy could take Bailey to the orthodontist. 636 more words


"Letters to Santa!" Tuesday September 24, 2013

“Can I sit in the jump seat today,” Ramsey asked.  “Harley’s not feeling good so he’s staying home.”

“Yes.  You take the jump seat,” Dude responded. 397 more words




Doğum yapan her kadının en büyük endişesidir sütünün gelmeme olasılığı. Ancak endişelenmek yapılan hataların en büyüğüdür. Doğumdan sonra sütün gelmesi emzirmeye ve annenin psikolojik durumuna bağlıdır. 230 more words


Grey concrete 

The grounds of the places

Walking lonely like a lost little sole

Unsure of myself and others

I’m a wanderer really

Lost in this great grey game… 99 more words


"Reading and alligators." Monday September 23, 2013

The second cup of coffee was finally kicking in although Dude was still tired following a weekend of Travel Ball with Bailey’s team, the Norfolk Destroyers.   340 more words