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Gecenin oltasına takılıp sönen yıldızları izliyordu kadın. Sessiz fırtınalar günüydü bugün. Durgundu. Kafasındaki çığlık seslerine bir saniye bile ara vermeden cevap veren şeytana, diğer karakterler de cevap veriyordu. 579 more words

Leaders are Learners...at least we hope they are!

“All leaders see MORE than others see and BEFORE other see.”

-John Maxwell

What a statement! When I heard leadership expert John Maxwell make that remark last week my first thought was, “ 127 more words


The Final Year

Raise your hand if you’re getting whiplash from how fast time has decided to move within the last two years.

I’m sitting at a breakfast counter an hour north of my university as I await the impending school year to pull up and whisk me away. 279 more words


Happy Birthday, Anne Elliot!

Anne Elliot is 231 years old today. I think it’s safe to say she’s more popular today than she was when Persuasion was published in 1818. 16 more words


Soft Inter Transience (song)


Soft inter transience

Winters cold touches us

Brewing our ambience


Halt, above my heaven!

Feel, outside etherial


Dance all the way to the centre of your mind… 88 more words


Sense (Poem)

smoking flavors riding atop the airwaves
lingering ’round my nostrils in psychedelic colors
while patchwork palms push back under cataclysmic pressure
fervently pulsating in my dismally deaf eardrums, 48 more words


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