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A vision story is the antidote to meaningless frustration. To live in this world with purpose and meaning we must tell ourselves some story of vision that gives our struggle meaning.

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Storytelling for business: An introduction

Authors: Aina Borras and Álex Gargallo

We have recently attended a fascinating workshop on storytelling at General Assembly called: “Storytelling for entrepreneurs: Presentation to elevator pitches… 716 more words

The Line Between

"Trust me, no one will ever complain if you delete a few PowerPoint slides from your presentation and tell a story instead.” - Annette Simmons

Somewhere along the way, PowerPoint got declared the standard in business communication.  It a powerful tool but it is still a pretty small box.  PowerPoint dictates how you tell your story if you let it.   99 more words

Funding Pitch

Six Stories You Need to Know How To Tell

A sample from Annette Simmons’ book, Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. Register here for the workshop in Sydney on 5 June 2014.

Annette Simmons talks about storytelling as a philosophy - for better business

Annette explains: Storytelling is more than a marketing tool, a research method for user design, or a communication strategy….When you understand story you learn to see emotions as the result of an underlying story. 57 more words

Family Wants Simmons Will Sealed

DALLAS (AP) – The wife of recently deceased Texas billionaire Harold Simmons wants his will sealed by a Dallas court.

Attorneys for Annette Simmons are expected to argue Wednesday before a Dallas County probate judge to have the will’s contents blocked from public view. 183 more words