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Blog Update: A Tribute to Baby Love

A personal note to readers, 

Aloha, Baby Love was a small diamond dove I found in 2005 while living in Hollywood, CA. He’s been my companion, spiritual guide, best friend and my heartbeat for the last 10yrs. 853 more words

Deerwalk SWN Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

Note: Big Mahalo to everyone who sent prayers to Lava and other blog friends in Nepal! Lava contacted me to let me know he’s alright. He a Solutions Architect at Deerwalk Inc, a company in Nepal also raising funds to help local family’s affected by the earthquake. 724 more words

News And Politics

Blog Update April 10, 2015


Just a quick update to let everyone know I finally got moved and am in a MUCH better space than I’ve found since moving to Kauai from the Big Island in January 2104. 691 more words

Annette's Editorials And Personal Messages To Readers

Wishing You a Magical 2015!! Blog Update ~ From computer hell, to one very long, bad dream...

Aloha and a Happy Holiday Season to All!

Well folks, I got my computer back from the Computer Hospital and am absolutely miffed, it still has the same internet problems as it had when I returned it over two weeks ago – taking several minutes to download webpages and right now I can’t even access YouTube to check playback issues due to intnernet connectivity problems. 1,224 more words

Annette's Editorials And Personal Messages To Readers

Computer-VIRUS-Hell ~ Blog Update

Hi Everyone, Aloha!

Please accept my apology’s for the lack of updated posts over the last few days. But, after nearly two weeks in the shop and over $100 in diagnostic and labor fees, I’m still dealing with MAJOR performance issues that may require returning the computer to the Computer Hospital tomorrow, since they didn’t thoroughly repair damages to my computer from the recent virus attack. 247 more words

Annette's Editorials And Personal Messages To Readers

Call to Action Update: Tropical Storm Karina turns toward the west-southwest.....180 degree turn in Trajectory since Friday!

Exciting News!!  Day before yesterday (8/1514) I posted the latest Call to Action for Tropical Storm Karina, which formed earlier this week in the Eastern Pacific – less than one week after hurricane Iselle dealt a glancing blow the Big Island. 463 more words


Is Tropical Storm Karina Eye-Balling Hawaii? A Weather Wars "Call to Action" for Spritual Activists

SPIRITUAL ACTIVISTS: Earth Workers, Energy Masters, Shaman, Lightworkers: The dark wizards at the control center are spinning up another round of weather wars in the Eastern Pacific. 971 more words