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BLOG UPDATE: Gratitude to donors...Still meeting goal for car repairs, pet care, etc

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Quick update…BIG THANK-YOU to  Teresa, Valerie and Daniela for your recent donations, especially to Kathryn, Ines, Richard and Otto who answered the “call for help” to help with car repairs, vet bill, dog food, utility bills and survival expenses (gas, food etc). 353 more words

Long-Overdue BLOG UPDATE: Organizing 2017 Conferences, Donations for Car Repairs and Fighting CENSORSHIP by SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT MEDIA

I want to express HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE who has ever donated in support of this blog – your patronage OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS has made a HUGE difference and I can’t THANK-YOU enough!! 1,397 more words

Annette O'Toole Interview from Mt Shasta ~ Denny Hunt

Insights from my life changing journey to Mt Shasta, am still grounding-in the activation’s and massive shifting’s still underway after the mountain called me back Labor day for a blissed-out weekend camping alone on the mountain. 765 more words


IMPORTANT Update: BIG Thank you to donars, Merc Retro, Mt Shasta SSP conference WIN and current status

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Wow! What a week since my last update – the last few days has been quite the roller-coaster ride my friends! This update was actually scheduled to go out on Friday, but after writing for almost two hours, my computer deleted the update just as I was about to hit Publish.  1,632 more words

IMPORTANT Blog Update: Hard Drive FAILURE: IMMINENT & The Perfect $$ Storm - URGENT Donation Drive

Aloha! Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the potent, incoming Lion’s Gate energy’s continuing to pour-in over the next week. Take this time for healing, leave the chaos and rat race behind, unplug and get out in nature to soak up the energy’s. 1,100 more words

New Affiliate Programs to help you "PREPARE" for market collapse: *Bullion MARKET ALERT* Silver & Gold SURGES, Numanna NON-GMO food storage and AquaNui Home Distillers

Aloha Everyone!

Precious metals are breaking-out, NOW is the time to prepare for economic collapse and buy before prices soar and/or stocks run-out. As of 6/30/16 at 5:00pm ET silver closed at $19.71, which is the highest spot price I’ve personally seen since I began following the precious metals markets in early 2015. 596 more words