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Review: Guerlain Bois d’Arménie -- 4.5 points

Papier d’arménie is a curious object. The so-called ‘Armenian paper’ is neither a paper for all its purpose and intent, nor is it originated from Armenia. 365 more words


Review: Amouage Opus X

First, this stuff is great. It may even be as good as one of my all time favorite roses Lyric Woman. It may even be better.  333 more words

By Vince

The Time Machine

Leaving a place that I’ve lived for any given period of time, I’m always surprised by what I miss. When I left Austin three years ago I missed the people, and the grocery shopping (Texas really does have the best grocery shopping of any place I’ve lived, California included), but I also missed this odd little video store not far from my house. 620 more words

By Vince

Review: Christian Dior Bois d'Argent -- 4.5 points

Bois d’Argent (Dior, 2004) is not only a great perfume in terms of quality, but also a salient example of how its shades of iris are played to open the material to a unisex effect. 289 more words


From the Editor’s Desk: Legendary Scents – Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison review

     Legend has it that when French fashion designer Christian Dior set out to create a signature fragrance for his brand he asked for the scent of love… 553 more words


Pressed in Vinyl - Amouage Opus X Perfume Review

Under the direction of Christopher Chong, Amouage has positioned itself as a renegade perfumery that creates daring yet luxurious perfumes. Where many perfume houses at the top end of the scale are content putting any old juice in a fancy bottle, or just a juice that is likely to please many, Amouage seek to drive the face of perfumery forward, always developing fascinating, novel and unique fragrances. 679 more words

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