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Jack the Ripper was Polish Immigrant Aaron Kosminski, Book Claims

Well, it turns out my top contender for the Whitechapel Murders of 1888, Aaron Kosminski, may actually be Jack the Ripper after all.  DNA evidence appears to have concluded that he was indeed the immortal legend so many books have been written, and films have been made, about.     235 more words

Jack the Ripper: The Story Behind the Book

They had names but not faces. Their dismembered body parts were identified but not their dreams and hopes. Even a century later, the world seemed to care more about their mysterious killer, Jack the Ripper, than it did about his known victims. 567 more words


From Hell: Yours truly, Jack The Ripper

At the end of August 1888, the district of Whitechapel in the impoverished east end of London was plunged into terror when a series of killings were perpetrated by a man that would forever be known as Jack The Ripper.  2,764 more words


1. Mary Ann Nichols. Friday, August 31, 1888. Body discovered at 3:40am.

2 cuts to the throat.

Deep, jagged wound to lower abdomen.

More incisions on lower abdomen. 333 more words

Jack The Ripper

The Skipping Verger

I happened upon author John Reid Young at the Anglican Church fête in Parque Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz.

We had a long chat about writing and publishing, and I recommended that he published as an e-book on… 226 more words