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Subway Shadows and Tinker Creek

Fifty years ago I became hypnotized by the world of photography. My then wife was taking a photography course at the university and since we were an impoverished student couple, we saved our pennies, denied ourselves garlic bread at Mario’s, wore out-of-date clothes because they still fit, and still couldn’t afford a decent camera. 552 more words


Why Not? In Pursuit of the Picture

The question of “why” interests me less and less these days. “Why’s that?” inquisitive/cheeky readers might ask, and to be honest, I don’t know and I’m not terribly interested in knowing. 672 more words

Writing Advice

Kissing v Marrying

Here’s the new book. Go grab it, it’s good stuff. And sign up for a free audiobook version of Common Sense and Whiskey by clicking the box on the right. Drawings every Friday.


Live Seasons

While a writer of Annie Dillard’s stature doesn’t need reviews the way our local writers’ group does (hint hint), people who ponder life’s mysteries and fleeting nature need to know more about her input on the subject. 507 more words


Donuts or fat free cookies: what'll it be?

An elderly gentleman said something along those words a couple of weeks ago as we were visiting a new church. For some reason,it seemed he was steering me to the fat free cookies,then again I have put on some weight since I retired. 1,092 more words


In extremis

For those of us familiar with the writing of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Annie Dillard, The Abundance (Canongate) is a reminder of how good her writing is – how vibrant, wrenching, cheeky and exhausting. 361 more words

20 Essential Seattle Books, Part 4: Northwest Classics

For the fourth of our posts suggesting twenty essential books for Seattleites, having focused on history, race and place, we now attempt to suggest some writers whose work best characterizes our “regional literature.” In previous posts we’ve already mentioned… 544 more words