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"Total Eclipse" by Annie Dillard (from Teaching a Stone to Talk)

I began by thinking I could review this essay, but I can’t. Annie Dillard and the force of these words here are too much for my limited powers of communication. 16 more words


Reaching for the Purple Crayon

The mind fits the world and shapes it as a river fits and shapes its own banks.

Annie Dillard, Living By Fiction

With these words, I drifted off to sleep around 1:00 this morning, knowing I would have only four hours of less-than-quality sleep. 833 more words


If a Snowflake Falls and Someone's Around to See It

A student sent me these photos via email.  She took these with her iPad, by the free light of the sun.

Unadventurous photographers often fall prey to the idea that you need high-end, expensive equipment to take powerful and expressive photos.   218 more words


Ongoing Search for Creative Alchemy

I am witnessing a unique physiological phenomenon: John Shade perceiving and transforming the world, taking it in and taking it apart, re-combining its elements in the very process of storing them up so as to produce at some unspecified date an organic miracle, a fusion of image and music, a line of verse. 417 more words


A Good Day for Nesting

Right now, here in Paris, we have seven different nests. That’s not counting our old water mill, two hundred miles from Paris. I spend half my time rousting out, fixing up, furnishing these nesting places. 470 more words

life: the one-time offer

wise souls have been preaching it, teaching it, imploring, beseeching, practically gluing the words onto billboards tucked by the sides of the busiest highways: “this is your one short life. 1,427 more words

Savoring Moments

Polar Exploration, Mangrove Trees, and the Art of Survival: Immersion and Ekphrasis in Annie Dillard’s "Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters"

Week Five- 27 February 2015

From its beginning, Annie Dillard’s Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters relies heavily on the fine line between verbal representation and visual sensation. 1,168 more words