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There is no such thing as an artist – only the world, lit or unlit, as the world allows.

~Annie Dillard

Trying to Be There

Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.
—Annie Dillard, from…

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Creative Writing

forgiving myself

Lying in bed last night, waiting for the blanket of sleep to wrap its comfort around me, I noticed an almost rigid tension engulfing my body.   375 more words

Yoga And Addiction

Eclipse: After

I joined a Carleton College Alumni Adventure and traveled to Salem, Oregon to experience last month’s total solar eclipse. Totality is a relatively rare event from the perspective of a human lifespan and the limited geographic area covered by a single eclipse’s path of totality. 1,514 more words

It’s not about Colin Kaepernick; it’s about us

The Prophet Muhammad once spoke of a man who asked God why he was being punished. God answered, “You passed by an oppressed person but did not help him.” 1,048 more words

When the sun goes missing

The sun has been missing from this part of Northern England for many weeks now.  On the 21st August it also went missing from the skies of America, but only for a few minutes when the moon got in the way.  1,007 more words



In the early morning of August 21st, nature showed how blue a sky can be before a solar eclipse. What I wanted to do first was read again Annie Dillard’s classic essay. 388 more words