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Preview: Rough Riders #1

Led by a young Theodore Roosevelt, a motley crew of soon-to-be American legends must work together to solve a mystery that threatens all of existence. Harry Houdini – street magician and master of misdirection. 80 more words


Advice from a Sharpshooter

There are a lot of quotes out there about striving to meet a goal.  I recently stumbled across this one from Annie Oakley and thought I’d share it. 49 more words


The Heavily Judged Female Entertainers Who Crushed Stereotypes In the Old West | Atlas Obscura

Tales of domestic drudgery, rigid dress codes, and a regimented daily life create a bleak portrait of the 19th century woman: she sits tightly corseted in the drawing-room, knitting booties and antimacassars for the newest of a dozen children. 139 more words


Mamas, Please Let your Daughters Grow Up to be Cowgirls

“I don’t want to be in the Annie Oakley skit! I want to be in the Calamity Jane skit! Calamity Jane! I want to BE… 569 more words

Bio Pics

You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun

I’m quick on the trigger with targets not much bigger
Than a pin point, I’m number one.
But my score with a feller is lower than a cellar-

1,147 more words

Day 802: This Godforsaken Place

Abigail Peacock and her father are regretting the impetuous desire for adventure that led them to journey thousands of miles from England to a remote village in northwestern Ontario to run a school. 495 more words