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(g) Love 2 : Staged (2.2) wp

Love 2
(free verse with some rhyme)

Annie did what she done best
With a gun, the west was won
Cupid done did the rest… 156 more words


Annie Oakley (1860-1926)

  • Phoebe Ann Mosey went by several names: Annie Oakley, Little Miss Sure Shot, Watanya Cicilla, and Mrs. Frank Butler.
  • She was born in Ohio, 1860.
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Garst Museum - Darke County

My first post for 2017 is going to talk about the last trip I was able to make in 2016 to the Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio. 974 more words


The cowgirl

The concept of the cowgirl didn’t really exist until the late nineteenth century. However women had been stepping into men’s shoes and performing aspects of their work ever since ranching began. 454 more words


Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley wasn’t born in the West and never lived there, but she looked like a cowgirl for much of her life and earned her living by riding and shooting in Wild West shows which has made her into a Western legend. 633 more words


Cowgirls of the Past

SOURCE: COWGIRL DIARY – OUR FAVORITE HORSE BLOG!!! Cowgirl Diary has so many interesting blog posts that you could click the link above to see. Here’s a great blog — 1,020 more words

Horseman's Directory

Chief Sitting Bull (c.1831-1890)

Chief Sitting Bull

“The Great Spirit has given our enemies to us.  We are to destroy them.”

  • Sitting Bull was named Jumping Badger at birth, but was nicknamed…
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