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Abbi Jenean Albritton Annis

Abbi Jenean Albritton Annis

Heaven gained another angel on September 23, 2017. Our precious, beautiful daughter, wife and mother and friend, Abbi Jenean Albritton Annis went to live with Jesus for eternity. 420 more words

Union Parish

An Update At last

I haven’t updated recently because I’ve been unwell for a long time but hopefully I’ll be able get back to posting now.

Knowing the importance of having an ‘heir and a spare’ Rose and Allan tried for another son. 146 more words


The Toddlers Grow Up

Before the funeral proper the Ackleys gathered to mourn Aulus privately

Bartholomew was an insider who loved socialising and being in groups

Rose taught him to play chess as was now a family tradition… 211 more words


Toddlers Are Fun To Play With

Allan was thrilled at Rose’s news

He was so excited to tell Aulus that evening. The two men had taken to playing cards together of an evening… 146 more words


...It's a New Generation

As time went on, fashions changed and technology grew more impressive. People even spoke differently and Royce noticed her name was increasingly pronounced more like… 199 more words