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Small Flame - by Ciarra Annis

If you were to ask any of the orphans at the Oaks who the funniest among them was, the answer would not be Yevra, she would not top the chart. 2,901 more words


Spirit of the place?

I came to the end of my Bardic course back in February, although, life had its own events and I am still in my ‘gathering my notes before I submit my review’ stage. 978 more words


KMN AP2 (Bukber Series Part 1)

Nah, untuk memulai bukber series kali ini kita mulai dengan keluarga baru di semester dua. Yap kelas A praktikum 2. Emang univ author kerajinan banget. Tiap semester pasti kelasnya diacak lagi ckck. 264 more words

Fatimah Zahra

What do YOU think: Do women have a different way of going about things than men in the workplace?

If you think this is true, many would agree with you. It has been pointed out that ‘the workplace’ is a space that was designed men based upon what comes naturally to men. 1,022 more words

Off the needles

The Annis that I started on a whim earlier this week is now off my needles.  All that stands in my way from having a finished shawl is a little drying and weaving in a couple of ends.

Inspiration: Shawls

Every year when the sun starts shining and the flowers are all in bloom, I get an itch to knit up something light and lacy.  It’s a particularly odd compulsion, since, as a rule, I am neither light nor lacy.  150 more words


Getting Away

Last weekend, I escaped from my family for a little over two days. It was wonderful.

There was shopping, lots of good times with friends, lots of good teaching and music, and, of course, knitting. 122 more words