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First Anime Subbing Finished!

Houkago no Pleiades finished! Thank you, each and everyone of you, for downloading the subs (I know the first ones are horrendous, but I will fix them in the 1080p batch), thank you for letting me continue subbing this you don’t know how happy i am for finishing my first Spring Season anime, there will be more to come, and everything will be sugoi, everything will improve, I hope some people will decide to join, even if they’re noobs like me, or even a pro. 109 more words


Tre: Primo, 1793 is live!

I am so excited to share my newest book with you, Tre: Primo, 1793 part one of three is available for purchase on Amazon and for free with Kindle Unlimited! 64 more words


No synopsis tomorrow~

I’m in no mood to translate. Hm. I wonder why..

But yes, as a heads up, there won’t be any SS tomorrow, but I’ll do double next week. That’s all~


Important Notice to CYC Members

PUBLIC NOTICE – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ:  Access to the Cairns Yacht Club pontoon is strictly off-limits to all non-members.  You can contact the Marlin Marina on 4052 3866 if you wish to request access to the public dinghy wharf.    251 more words


Graduation Announcements

I promised that I would show some more photos of my graduation cards, and so here they are!

I designed the cards myself, and wanted to incorporate both my personal style in design, as well as my love of literature (second only to my love of design!) I used the colors and typefaces in my personal branding, and also took some liberty with the opening line of Jane Austen’s  49 more words


Live Feed

The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of changes and emotions.

Having everyone officially find out we are expecting has been so unbelievably overwhelming but in the best way possible. 788 more words

Baby Stew