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The discovery of small molecule drugs follows a well-honed playbook. You first discover the drug target, then discover the lead drugs that can hit those targets, optimize those leads, and then enter pre-clinical testing. 936 more words


Dementia, Dignity, and Honoring God

Modern medicine has made optimists out of us all.
Cancer? Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy frequently combine to leave the patient cancer-free or living well with the disease as a chronic illness. 1,616 more words

Book Review

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Mini-Minutes - 3/18/18

Hello brothers! Lots of fun stuff has happened since last meeting! Congrats to all our new brothers! This MC class has truly been so amazing to watch grow as brothers and on behalf of the entire chapter, we are so excited to see where you guys grow as brothers! 960 more words


[Firesale] March 3rd Firesale Event

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Safety and security: Protecting the implementers of key population HIV programs around the world

Written by Revati Chawla, Lead Programmes, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

“You can only be a good activist if you are alive and well!” These are the profound words of Dennis Wamala, who has experienced violations of his own personal safety while ensuring that his community in Uganda has access to life-saving HIV services. 441 more words

Key Population Programming

Soc Sci 2 Announcement

The class is not meeting for a lecture today. Read ahead on Locke based on the outline provided in class.


[Not a Chapter] Regarding Tsuki ga Michibiku

Hey guys, Reigokai here!

Many may have already noticed the drought of updates to Tsuki, that’s because the author itself hasn’t updated at all.

But I understand the desperation to get more Tsuki, and I myself want more as well. 174 more words

Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu