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Be Careful With Your Words

Hi there lovelies. I don’t know about you guys but the past two months have been one emotional roller coaster ride.

Have you guys ever felt that way like you just can’t deal with all of the ”stuff ” that life throws at you sometimes? 479 more words

Random Insight

fed up

I am super fed up today no sure why but everything seems extremely pointless.

My boyfriend hasn’t been speaking to me, my work is having a meltdown, my friend talks about nothing but the pregnancy and I am beyond tired!! 76 more words


Gross, groggy, late night
Toss, turn, can’t lay right
Pivot, switch, and covers fight
Sick, sigh, turn on the light
Eyes pained, head plight
Gross, groggy, long night… 16 more words



Seriously. Stop using so many damn hashtags. It’s annoying as f**k. I just unfriended someone on FaceBook, not only because I hadn’t talked to them in over a year, but because every status they posted looked like this: 132 more words


Killing Myself to Live

If I can be brutally honest, I’m annoyed with my life. I seem to constantly endure trouble wherever I go, but not against the law trouble, more like technological troubles.  467 more words


I'm so sad

I constantly feel like I’m bothering people by talking to them all the time or trying to arrange a time or place to meet up at. 298 more words

No, Not All Famous People Are Inspirational or Motivational

I read a post on Facebook that said Forbes Magazine is going to be featuring Kylie Jenner as one of their Self Made Women in regards to her becoming a billionaire in less than three years. 878 more words