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High Beams

An open letter to anyone with those ultra-bright LED headlights:

Please stop. It’s bad enough when some moron forgets to switch off his high beams (or worse, doesn’t care to) but at least they don’t reset the cones and rods in my eyeballs. 171 more words


A Taste of Fame & Toxicity

A word I think has been really overused by people in the general vicinity of my demographic is toxic. I think a lot of people around my demo use the word toxic in situations where it truly does not apply in the slightest. 1,103 more words


2 a.m.
sore throat
and an empty cup


Needless Replication of Forms

How many times have you filled out a form with information that is easily search-able from an earlier form you’ve already filled?

Like a 100-point ‘proof of ID’ check that you had to perform when you enrolled in a program. 383 more words

PhD Progress & Thoughts



My entire life I have been a people pleaser. I worry about everything I say or do. I worry about offending people. I worry about hurting others’ feelings while trampling over my own. 312 more words

Mental Health

Astrology Jokes

I enjoyed writing an opinion piece the other day.

I used to write roughly one opinion piece per week a long while ago, but I kinda stopped writing them. 399 more words


I Told On Him

To be honest, I don’t really work at the Stain and Glaze department so if their machine fucks up, it’s not like it’s going to affect me. 431 more words