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Hollywood's 20 Most Hated Celebrities

Radar Online put out a list of “Hollywood’s 57 Most Hated Celebrities.” The data is from a company called E-Poll that uses annual surveys to give likeability scores. 202 more words


Popstars I want banned

We are going to stay clear from politics today. And from the moral dilemmas of social liberties and freedom of expression. Let’s leave it to the boring men in suits. 406 more words



Hercules is a game loosely affiliated with the current cinematic of the same name. I say loosely because the film stars Dwayne Johnson but the… 312 more words


Kim Kardassian: Hollywood

I’ve only recently become aware of the Kardassians and that’s because I don’t get exposed to gossip magazines like the Daily mail and the only celebrity I care about, is Barack Obama. 392 more words


It's Time to Remake The Poseidon Adventure

I realize that the premise behind this classic film was to set a group of different-minded people in a harrowing situation and see how their personalities come into play as the danger expands. 400 more words


15 Celebrities You Should Unfollow On Twitter

Someone has put out a rundown of “15 Celebrities You Should Unfollow on Twitter.”  They also provided sample Tweets, and a reason why they are expendable.   184 more words


8 Celebrities Who Need To Retire In 2014

You’ve probably heard by now the “major” “news” that Justin Bieber announced his “retirement” via Twitter on Christmas Eve. Nah, we don’t believe that crap either.  644 more words