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Keep It Cool

Have you ever experienced getting mad with someone to the point of imagining yourself confronting him or worse killing that super duper ultra mega annoying person? 739 more words

Annoying Person

The Typing Lab Stories: Picking the Seat

Starting a new series today, which makes me very happy because I think I can actually follow through with this series. “The¬†Typing Lab Stories” is for¬†all the times I have decided to write something about something or someone in the lab when I should actually be doing homework. 384 more words


The colour green.

There’s this female friend of X who has gotten my attention recently. I didn’t mean to stalk her on purpose but she keeps popping up in his Facebook feed like how an annoying fly keeps buzzing in your face. 579 more words

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I’m turning into a stalker. Jeng jeng jeng! We have not been in contact since 5th August (but who’s counting anyway?) except for one comment we each made on each other’s photo. 300 more words