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Social Media Posts that Drive Me CRAZY!

Brace yourselves. Because more than likely, we’re all guilty of at least one (or 10) of these annoying social media posts. Admit it friends–some things just don’t belong on Facebook! 1,161 more words


16 Reasons To Un-Friend Someone

Sick of that annoying person blowing up your Facebook news feed? That irritating co-worker of yours posting 1000 pictures of her new baby every 2.89 seconds? 138 more words


A Message to my Facebook Friends: I Get it.

I get it, you love to run and you’re killing it every day in preparation for some ridiculously pointless marathon when we all know the real satisfaction you get is from having enviable legs. 616 more words


Taking a break from Facebook

Have you experienced a newsfeed with mostly annoying posts? Have you learned to click “unfollow” and “hide”?  I used to enjoy looking at pictures of FB friends, reading their status, seeing they are having fun with their lives but come on! 416 more words

Quick Chats

And why do I have to hear about it...?!

Today’s question, leading on from the last one is: Why the bloody hell do I have to hear about it?

I am referring to the constant Facebook updates that those people who are rushing through their lives feel they have a duty to force down the entire social media world’s throat. 386 more words

What's the rush?

Today’s question is: What the bloody hell is the rush?

I mean seriously, is the world really ending? Do we only have days or month to live? 501 more words

Are you fed up of politics related posts on your Facebook newsfeed?

There is enough politics that I get to see. On the tube, in the newspaper and of course on Facebook. People posting / re-posting on Facebook are serious about it, and in most cases, mean well. 274 more words