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Non-Citizen Rights Trump Rights Of US Citizens: There's Nothing Right About It.

Why are non-citizen rights becoming more important than the rights of US citizens and protection of all?  I concede no argument for it.  Jerry Brown… 101 more words

Occupy Wall Street Should Be Occupy Washington.

Capitalism gave you a job!  Don’t you get it?  Wall Street certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s their Washington bedfellows that have created much of the economic problems we’re facing today.  76 more words

Just Say And Vote NO NEW TAXES. Period.

There is nothing to think or talk about, nothing to study or review, nothing to listen to or acknowledge — The answer should still be NO.  52 more words

Politicians Attempting To Grab MORE Money Hinder Californian's Ability To Earn Income.

As an Affiliate of Amazon’s Associates Program, I received the following e-mail.  Once again Politicians are hard at work quashing our ability to earn a living, because it’s easier to assess fees, taxes, tolls and tariffs than it is to do their respective jobs — It’s a continued grab and waste game that needs to stop.  290 more words

Glad To See The Big Weiner Exposed.

It’s great to see Representative Anthony Weiner exposed — I knew little of him before the sexting report, though did think he was a bit obnoxious.  119 more words

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Superhero: He's Just Another Big Phony!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is no Superhero.  It’s now apparent that he’s just another big phony.  What a let down he turned out to be.  And one of his last despicable acts on the way out of office was to… 127 more words

Protecting The Wrong Groups (Again): A Mosque At Ground Zero? It's Not Appropriate!

A Mosque at Ground Zero?  Once again it appears that sensitivity is being applied to the wrong group of people.  Many victim’s families say NO… 36 more words