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Got Ants ?

Geez, We were moving stuff around from the garage to clean it out.     Boy, was that a mistake.  Because, We did not realize we placed some of the boxes near an ant pile!   574 more words


Somedays life catches up with you.

Imagine, you have been ill for days, you feel awful, you’ve got a meeting to sort out an exhibition…..

Open your front door to go to your car and see a sticky, stripy envelope stuck to your windscreen… 117 more words


Know that
I shouldn’t
Really be bothered
When people take
All of this
Effort to
Answer a question
Or to comment, in an… 80 more words


Red-eyed allergy sufferer not really giving a shit about work today

Red-eyed and sneezing local man D. Randall Everend, a reporter with The Brown Valley Observer, told reporters from The Brown Valley Observer that he “showed (his) ass up to work today, unlike that lazy shit Larry, in spite of the worst fucking allergy bullshit in the history of man”. 411 more words


Get off that thang!

A rant from last May…

I can’t believe how careless people can be.  Not careless like forgetting to put the ice cream back in the freezer.  210 more words


Vodka Does Not Mix ... (With Nothing)

Vodka doesn’t mix

My true story 2018 I recently was forced to move out of my boyfriends house after being together 10 years. We have had our ups and downs but always seem to somehow land back on our feet. 517 more words

Don’t you just hate it when someone ask you a dumb question? Like duh! 🙄

Don’t you just hate it when someone ask you a dumb question? Like duh! 🙄