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A few nights of lost sleep can make you ill, fracking inquiry hears

Opponents of fracking in Lancashire argued today that a few nights of disturbed sleep could lead to health problems. 873 more words


Yes, You Are The Most Annoying Person In Your Office If You Do Any of The Following...

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There’s a reason Office Space became a cult hit.  Nearly everyone has a job (at one point or another) and nearly everyone can relate to the stereo-types.   94 more words


How to annoy your waiter.

After almost 5 years of either pulling pints for Wales’ finest drunks, making coffee for military wives or serving pizza to the locals of Notting Hill, I’ve had my fair share of time in the service industry. 1,041 more words


There's something really infuriating about .. wait for it ... mummy bloggers!

If you have ever questioned the true power of mums who blog, 2012 was the year that should have stopped you in your tracks. From the cover of national magazines to morning talk shows, mummy bloggers have been the talk of the nation, sometimes for good, and sometimes for well, the bad and the ugly ! 1,550 more words


Antisocial media

Two months since my last post. I endeavoured to get this one posted before it said ’60 days ago’ on it and I have succeeded with two days to spare. 1,176 more words

Confessions of an Online Shopaholic

There are a few reasons why I prefer to shop online:

  • I don’t like leaving the house unless it’s an actually necessary (let’s just say socialising isn’t high on my priorities list).
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Remove Followers...(update)

Every now and then we bloggers have a few “unwanted” goats that tend to bother our quaint little lives here on WordPress.  They tend to follow our reading and then leave harsh, rude and vulgar comments on every topic no matter how trivial the subject.   246 more words