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I'm Sorry - We Can't Be Friends

I don’t know about you, but there are some things that people say that instantly turns me off (like the verbal equivalent of being teabagged by a dead mouse)… 518 more words


CTA's 'Courtesy' Campaign Hilariously Skewers Awful Train And Bus Riders

Think of your biggest public transit pet peeves… As it turns out, the Chicago Transit Authority is well aware of them, attacking each and every slight you can think of in their latest advertising campaign. 328 more words


Top 5 Favorite Movies

I like this movie because its scooby doo and this one of my favorite cartoon movie. Ive liked scooby doo every since i was a little kid, hes very funny and he always find the ghosts or the clues. 175 more words



I’m sorry, but I don’t know your pain. We waited 21 months after getting married to try having a baby. The plan was to go on a mission trip together; and after getting back from building homes in Mexico, we spoke about it and made the decision. 883 more words

Wednesday's Dose of Antisocial.

Because keeping relationships is hard. At least it is when it’s an obligation relation.

For starters, people begin with a buttload of assumptions about how nice you will and won’t be. 139 more words


KPZ Opinion 10.

This is the last one. It’s been getting a little difficult meeting the Sunday deadlines, so no more such. (For now.)

Also, any coloured text means a link, so you can go ahead and click on those words, ok?

125 more words