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Meeting the neighbours and community law enforcement

So that was fun. Thanks to my sweet staying awake skills (insomnia to the less upbeat) I was awake when the the house alarm (that I didn’t really know we had) went off at 3:30 am. 422 more words



So the guy I was talking about in my “Boys” post is being annoying as usual. So every since my teacher moved seats and made him sit by this chick named, we’ll call her bitch. 141 more words


RANT: March 26, 2015

Let’s get to it-

So last week, an incident happened in my school where some degenerate took a shit in the schools hallway and a urinal. 301 more words


How to wake up early in 6 easy (ish) steps

I think it’s safe to say everyone passionately detests getting up early, none more so than myself. As simple as it may look on paper, the daily journey from bed to door is one of the most difficult things you will have to master in your life. 1,179 more words


There's always that one guy who asks "Are you gonna eat that?"

There is always that one guy who asks “are you gonna eat that?” and takes your food anyway. This song is for that person.


Pet Peeves

1. People that smoke in public right next to someone who isn’t smoking (especially if it is a child) or when you move away they follow you. 217 more words


Pet Peeves

Here’s a light hearted jokey post that lists some of the things that annoy me daily or just in life in general