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Spectrum is Worse Than Time Warner

This is one of the worst customer service nightmares I have ever had.

The other day, I noticed that one of the cables leading to my house was sagging so low that I could reach it from my backyard. 237 more words


SWANSEA: People aged over 25 who say ‘Fri-yay’ to lose their civil liberties

Grown ups who say ‘Fri-yay’ will be ostracised from normal life and have their basic human rights stripped from them under tough new laws.

The move, backed by Welsh Government, is being introduced to prevent irritants often found in workplaces with ‘funny’ mugs on their desks. 232 more words

Swansea News

A String Of Poems

Hello everyone,

I have a lot of poems and bits and pieces of poems. I thought that I would combine some of the lines that relate to an overall theme, and so here is the poem! 418 more words

Updates on weight, health issues and annoying co-workers from hell

Well, life for this Southern Belle has been crazy since my last post, which I’m going to toss out like word vomit in one long, rambling blog….sorry, not sorry :) 878 more words

post-volcanic chill

the nose sniffles for the hundredth time,
a desire to cave ones own face in erupts,
post-volcanic chill sweeps over the body,
once again collapsed into a heap on the sofa. 36 more words

Instant Poem

Been On A Plane With Annoying People? Bet You'll Appreciate This Website!

Whether you fly once a week or once every few years, chances are you’ve experienced or at least seen “that guy” or “that gal” on the plane who doesn’t think about anyone but him/herself and his/her own needs. 440 more words


Rains Ridiculous

Like a typical Aries one day I was returning after experiencing something practically life altering (to someone else it would be lunacy not path breaking), I decided to take a chance and get wet in the rain. 727 more words