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LLC#162 - Cats

Oru is a super nice cat but he’s also a bit annoying sometimes, I mean how are you supposed to cook with a cat ? x)


Why we drag doing and what’s we can do about it

 As human beings we have tendency of planning too much which may lead to not getting things done. But there are techniques we can develop to propel us into action. 1,646 more words


Everything is just rubbish!

I fight stereotypes

only to be put in one.

A rebel.

A loudmouth.

Salt Rock Lamps.

I chose the first thing I saw. I realize I never followed up on Boyfriend and his job change, and then Uhm. Shout out to Briann who has questions! 848 more words

It's a fine line between funny and I'm gonna kill you...

Me: Babe, I can’t find my cell phone, would you call me!?

Hubby: Mona!!

Me: ha ha

Hubby: MONA!!

Me: You’re the absolute worst

Hubby: MMMOONNNAAA!!! 20 more words


30 Common Pet Peeves That Can Drive A Person Absolutely Crazy

1. Please don’t try to have a conversation with me when I’m in another room, especially if I’m doing dishes, laundry, making food, showering, etc. I’m trying to listen to you, but cannot clearly hear what you’re saying. 751 more words

Level check

Loaded question…

How are you today?

Me? Thanks for asking.

Annoyance level is at high.

Like if your car had an Annoyance Level meter, it would be red-lined. 44 more words