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annoying girl gave me her blog today. It was because I asked about the way she treats and acts around me. Such an odd way to answer a simple question. 139 more words

HP Lacks Support for Older Printers

As a graphic designer I use desktop printers quite often. I own four HP printers, some of which were quite expensive.

The mainstay of my business is a model 2300 PostScript laser printer. 344 more words


I HATE My Neighbor.

I freaking hate my neighbor.

Wait! Actually no. I freaking LOATHE my neighbor!

You do not have any idea how much I’ve suffered because of them. 337 more words

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Visa Quest (Part 7)

My assigned seat on the bus was at the very front, a single row behind the driver. I watched the couple with the spoiled toddler board the bus, saying a silent prayer to whatever deities might happen to be listening that they would not be seated near me. 807 more words

Visa Quest

The Body Type Incident

I saw this post on Tumblr and I really have not seen anything else more true. With all of these self-love promotions going on in our society and my constant anger at body shaming, I feel that nothing else could have been said that is quite as true as this post.

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