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Weird best friends.

The entire concept of this is skewed. I mean, until you reach the threshold of the transition from “Good friends” to “Best Friends”, everything is peachy. 104 more words


Pet Peeve: People Who Jump to Conclusions 

I always wonder how I should respond when people either nag at me, yell at me, blame me, lecture me and basically look like an idiot when they think they are right about something. 1,081 more words

I barely know him, and he's texting like we're great friends.

I went to a wonderfully giant library in last Tuesday. On the business floor, a guy stopped me, asking to see my left foot tattoo closer. 236 more words

Lights on, Please!

I don’t get it. Why are there so many drivers who do not have the sense to turn on their headlights at night?

I see a lot of this at dusk, and that is understandable. 164 more words


5 Things You Do That Annoy Your Colleagues

We spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our own family so it’s important that we get on well with everyone at the office. 456 more words


7 Types Of Annoying Customers

So, anyone who works in a Shop, Café, Restaurant, Bar i.e. any job dealing with lots of people, will hopefully relate to this post. If you don’t, then that’s probably because you’re one of the annoying customers. 984 more words