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Grinds My Gears: Aristocracy

It’s just a friggin’ supermarket, don’t come in here and tell the whole world you’re the queen…. of the world. You’re not fucking Rose. Or maybe, you just rose from the dead. 320 more words



This guy’s an idiot, and I’m pretty sure the weather doesn’t count as a transcendental topic. Whatever. Too lazy to Google it, honestly.

I'm Fine


This is a really sweet illustration about the pains of trying to “be okay” with depression.

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Illustration by Colleen Butters


that's great that you're in an open marriage

I’m really happy that you and your wife have made this arrangement.
It’s very open-minded of you both…
…even though you’ve admitted that she gets jealous, still. 320 more words


So now you care...

I find it really annoying when people act like they actually care about someone once something has happened to them.  For instance, if someone got some type of disease, someone died, or they are moving away. 308 more words


Kevin Found The Most Annoying Listener

Kevin was out and about at Koopman Lumber Thursday afternoon enjoying himself until this listener showed up.

Listen to her and decided if she was as annoying as Kevin thinks. 53 more words


articles telling men to be chivalrous, can you not?

It took me a bit to gather how I felt about this article and the comments that follow: http://elitedaily.com/dating/chivalry-dead-9-everyday-gestures-make-girls-melt/863633/.

Why do we write these articles, like these articles, share these ideas that push the idea that men need to do these things or that men who behave like this deserve something? 1,351 more words