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So for the past almost three months I’ve been living my life not giving a damn about you.  You are my ex and that was that–I thought I would never again have to think about you.   150 more words


Yahoo Angers Ad-Blocking Users By Restricting Access To Mail

It is the age of passive-aggressive behaviors from internet companies–Yahoo has initiated a message blocking access to those email users who uses ad blockers.

If you are one of those people who are trying to diminish the amount of ads from your internet experience, there are services available, for example Google Chrome extensions that block ads. 316 more words

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I would Eject from a Moving Vehicle.

“Top Ten Tuesday” is a feature started by “The Broke and the Bookish“, in which people list their top ten books that match some given criterion. 1,249 more words


10 Signatures You Probably Shouldn't Use At Work

One day… I was sitting on my computer, sending some emails out to professors here at college. And I started to think, which I should honestly stop doing because nothing good generally comes out of it. 217 more words

Mispronunciation 3.0

It bothers me that most talking heads on the radio and television news mispronounce “anti-Semitic” because they should know better. The root of the word is “Semite” So why do they say “anti-Sim-et-ic”? 8 more words


Mini-review: The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Ballad #2) by Sharyn McCrumb

In the used bookstore a few days ago I asked the clerk for a mystery recommendation. This was one of them.
While it isn’t objectively bad, I just didn’t enjoy it. 137 more words