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Day 22 - Hands Full

A few days ago the email prompt suggested we take a photo that tells a story. I wanted to try and do that with this photo. 53 more words



I am basically writing this blog because I need a rant. I recently broke and cracked a few of my ribs which is really really painful! 472 more words


Married life...annoying one another-Top 20! 

So I love and adore my husband so much and more so over the last couple years…you have stuck by me and love me unconditionally and I am so very grateful fo that… 441 more words


V is for Veins

Ever since I was diagnosed with Crohns, I have had to get regular blood tests. And although I have absolutely no problem with needles, I do have incredibly bad veins. 79 more words

Everyday Life

Annoying Student

How to make your professor give you the dirtiest looks in class:

1. whilst unraveling food to eat, accidentally make a lot of noise and throw the bag that was protecting the food over your head in frustration. 326 more words

Short Rants

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of things that I want to rant about that wouldn’t take up an entire blog post by themselves, so here are some¬†short ones.

258 more words

Being rushed

One thing I really hate is being asked to do 25 things right before I need to leave somewhere. And this happens all the time. 126 more words