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happiness, crashing, crash

like coming off of a sugar high

the morning after one to many

its creeping

until its not

its washing over me

until it drowns me… 67 more words

Natalie Works at Subway.

Natalie works at Subway.

Everyday, she pops on the Subway t-shirt and the Subway apron; she slips the Subway visor on top of her Subway head and uses her Subway knife to slice the Subway bread. 498 more words


annoying habits that make your colleagues hate you

Ah, the office.

Whether big or small, every office has a mix of people from various walks of life, backgrounds, ages, socioeconomic statuses, and every other thing you can imagine. 736 more words


Stuck in the Middle

Yesterday I forgot why did I create this blog, and just a couple hours later I remembered. Sadness and anger are not my only motivations to write, but oh boy, it feels good when you somehow find a way to vent all those feelings away. 790 more words


I'm Just Gonna Go In and Start Here

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I complain, like, a lot. Things annoy me. If you are a thing, have a thing or know a thing, it has annoyed me at some point. 1,513 more words


I’m back

After a long hiatus, your favorite terrible father is back. Having kids really really puts a damper on your blogging but this motherfucker just filled his adderall prescription and I’m ready to go. 456 more words

Random Thoughts

Sitting too close to strangers on the train

Sitting too close to strangers on the train:
– Is my new hobby
– Is the perfect past-time for someone who’s lonely but not too creepy-looking… 10 more words