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My kid is about 17 months old now and he uses a lot of energy and when he has depleted his own levels he will siphon some from me….like a fucking leech. 433 more words


Stupid Sunday

The weekend is finally over, and I never say finally for that. It was one hectic weekend. Family visited for the weekend, put a lease down for a house for next year already, went out and didn’t come home with everyone, ate some pizza and woke up this morning not regretting one single thing. 331 more words



So bloody noisy! Who the fuck decides to do building work first thing on a Saturday. The amount of noise in this city is outstanding. As soon as you step out anywhere you get assaulted by noise. 37 more words


Back That A** Up

Okay! So one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people step into my bubble. Personal space is a serious thing to me…I take it super serious. 750 more words

Need To Rant


At this modern day and age, one would think that ISPs would actually be ready for new applications. BUT NO. They’re not. They just want to take your money and continue giving mediocre service. 70 more words

Everyday Life

Hate Post 1

The problem with you is that you always criticise me for being too kind.

You always have a problem when people don’t agree with your opinions and you always make it a point to criticise them for their “lack of intellectual understanding” for not getting your point. 292 more words


Humor - Group Texts

A random digression…

I can’t STAND group texts…especially when the other names don’t come up.  You know what that means?  It means that I have NO IDEA who the other recipients are. 119 more words