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One of these days

Today is one of these days where staying in bed would have been a better choice.

I didn’t sleep very well tonight, too many crazy dreams and too much noise outside. 535 more words


Thursday Rant Day: 12th Man Jersey's

I love the Seattle Seahawks, this isn’t news to anyone that has spent a few minutes with me. I’ve followed this team for as long as I can remember. 539 more words


Blogging Pet-Peeve

Oh dear, where do I begin? I already wrote a blog post on ways to be a better blogger. Now I think I will write about a personal blogging pet-peeve.. 240 more words


Not sure how I feel.

My brother’s girlfriend let me know they’re not coming to the wedding. My initial thought was “I knew it” and my initial feeling was… disappointment? We haven’t spoken in a long time due to reasons but, more because my brother is a judgemental a-hole with a God complex. 282 more words


10 Annoying (But Hilarious) Habits of Travelers You Meet On the Road

Guilty, guilty, and… guilty!

Don’t hate the traveler, just laugh them off.

Warning: There may be too much –ings for your taste. The scenarios depicted are mere exaggerations to keep certain points in check. 1,753 more words


Indian Relatives And Their Types

Recently , I visited home for a weekend and since it was holiday season , so our oh so loving relatives had decided to come visit us. 1,715 more words