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Harbourwalk Poem W206

Without the Seabridge –
My Harbourwalk will go from
Joy to annoying



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.

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Little Black Bugs Straight from Hell

Summer is here, which for me and my wife means spending mornings and evenings on our deck. We watch the birds, we enjoy some wine, we sometimes eat dinner….and we get physically assaulted by these pesky tiny black bugs that destroy the serenity me and my wife so desperately seek. 471 more words

People Who May Just Annoy You

Don’t you get annoyed by some things…. and even people sometime? Like they just do things that infuriate you and there’s just nothing you can do other than punch a wall (later). 469 more words

Sandy's Crib

Fuck off Haiku4u

Oh please.. not today

I have not time nor effort

You. are. beneath. me.


Pirates Ahoy! A Writer's Frustration

Being a writer isn’t all lattes in coffee shops and glowing bursts of inspiration. There’s quite a bit of hard work involved too, as many of you know. 563 more words


Unknown Lawyer

Man: Hi, I’m here for a law firm.
Me: Okay?
Man: I’m here to see someone at a law firm.
Me: Okay, which one?
Man: Is there a law firm here? 86 more words