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Mascara goop in a girl's eye

Girls – and guys who wear mascara – you need to be aware that your eyelash elongation/darkening products don’t always help you out. Sometimes, there’s some black goo pooling in your eyelid, and you have no idea. 75 more words

Pet Peeves

Hold music

I think I’d rather listen to Barney’s “I Love You” song while on hold. Hell, I’d be okay with Joe Jonas telling me he’s burnin’ up for me, baby. 60 more words


Poem of the Week: Another Rant on Storms

Hello, readers!

I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this weekly post, which I’d intended to post a couple of days ago. Alas, just like last month, good ol’ Mother Nature had to flip her fecal matter again and strike up a storm, which took out our telephone lines until later this afternoon. 144 more words


Waking up one minute before your alarm goes off

It’s early in the morning. Your eyes snap open. You roll over and glance at your alarm clock. Much to your dismay, you see that you’ve woken up one minute early. 44 more words


Terrible TV

As a stay at home mum, I will sometimes be roped into sitting with my eldest watching tv with him.

Usually this is when my toddler is asleep. 182 more words


The Name Game

What is the most annoying thing on earth? My vote is for when you pose the innocent question, “What’s your name?” and someone snaps back, “Puddentame. 65 more words