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Why oh why?

Why oh why, Mr YouTube man?

Do you have to elongate every word to make a thirty minute video?

Maybe try speaking a little faster, and getting to the point before I throw my laptop out the window?  32 more words

Random Thoughts And Brain Dribble...

Neglecting One's Job...

I try not to talk about my jobs, but this has been bothering me. 1 of the people I work with has not been doing a good job at our job. 1,351 more words

Panties, Pockets, Small Talk, & Motivation

Do you have things in your life that annoy you or, at the very least, leave you filled with questions?

Of course you do!

I have a few that come to mind: 563 more words

The Past, Present, And Future Of Me

Pronunciation 2.1

Heard on the Tennis Channel today:

perphrial vision


Chatty chatty bang bang! 

Just coasting on the back of my last post; the woman on the exercise bike next to me is having a full blown, animated conversation on her phone. 73 more words


'Annoying' Vegan Denied Swiss Citizenship Over Animal Activism

A Dutch woman has been denied naturalization in Switzerland, all because her animal rights activism has made her unpopular with the locals. Despite living in Switzerland since she was eight and having children with Swiss citizenship, Nancy Holten’s lifestyle “annoys us,” … 24 more words