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The outdoor cats have been plagued by a pair of mockingbirds and we’ve had our fair share of annoyance from them as well. Early on, when the male was trying to attract a female, he would sing 50 million different calls. 236 more words


I have no time...

… for fools and idiots. This last week has proved that to me, and I really cannot bear that people can be so shitty. The point, in fact, M’s sister (two-faced bitch) decided to start talking after her husband berated her about it, but only because of this. 1,300 more words



what’s so hard
reading instructions

the details are complete
it’s staring you
in the face


there are a lot of emotions going inside me today and I could get irritated easily; I write everything here unfiltered — just let me, thank you

Living High

Context White has joined the server!

UPDATE: his friends have also joined. their names are Context Ehrmantraut, Context Mrs. White, and Context Goodman.

he has been posting the same image nonstop. 17 more words



Apply online, fill in this form

The website gave me orders.

Now send in your proofs

Don’t forget to show

Your evidence of identity.

Your form is wrong… 117 more words

An Open Apology for Sending Paragraphs to Friends & Family

Abusing gibberish to correspond context and manic finger pokes for ears to clear the barriers of polite conversation, ignored, prodded and given to the dogs for censorship, after I’m stripped of flesh, apologize for the spotlight shimmering off my naked skeleton.  114 more words

Deal With

Deal with: (v) to take action regarding a person or situation

If you will permit me, I shall refer to this as the “Brock principle.” 196 more words

D Words