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Using Social Media to Enhance Career Development

By Tiffany Harrison and Kayla Patterson

With the NAFSA annual conference just around the corner, we’d like to talk about the importance of getting social. More specifically, we’re referring to the use of social media to enhance your career and professional development. 504 more words


Last Minute Tips

By Michele Friedmann

As you plan for your trip to Denver and start packing, please consider the following tips and suggestions. The sky in Denver is bluer, the air is thinner and dryer, and alcohol is gong to hit you much harder! 766 more words

Annual Conference

We Are Not Our Name Cards

By Patricia Jones

When I got my first business card, I was so excited. Here at last was proof that I was a recognized professional in a position of authority in international education. 337 more words

Annual Conference

TIADA to Hold 2016 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Since 1991, Hussein Mahrouq has served as the president of Mahrouq Enterprises International, Inc., an Arlington, Texas-based auto sales, rental, and financing company. An involved industry professional, Hussein Mahrouq maintains membership in the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA). 146 more words

Hussein Mahrouq

Fun Things to Do in Denver

By Michele Friedmann

You may need to extend your trip by a week or two to enjoy just a handful of the many fun things to do in the Mile High City! 747 more words

Annual Conference

Choosing a Graduate Degree Program in International Education

By Katherine Punteney

The Forum on Education Abroad reports that 87 percent of its members hold a master’s degree or higher, and the Association for International Education Administrators found that 81 percent of senior international officers hold doctoral degrees. 636 more words


Quality Life Association Hosts Its Annual Conference in September

After earning his MD from the St. George’s University School of Medicine, Dr. Ernest C. Rehnke moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, and has been managing his own medical profession for the last two decades. 149 more words

Ernest C Rehnke MD