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What is a Wellness Exam?

A wellness exam is performed to assess and optimize your pet’s health. It is important that this exam is performed when your pet is apparently healthy, and not when they are showing signs of illness, in order to get a true sense of their day-to-day condition. 430 more words


Step into my office...

Imagine you wake up one morning feeling sick… your stomach feels slightly “off” and you don’t feel well enough to eat breakfast. You didn’t sleep well the night before leaving you tired and with the hint of a headache. 1,234 more words


Why Is the Vet Bill So Expensive?

Office visits, diagnostics and treatments all cost money! The only way we are able to stay in business and help animals is by paying our bills, paying our staff, purchasing and maintaining medical equipment, and keeping our inventory stocked. 473 more words


60 Minutes In My Mind

A peek into the running dialogue in my mind:

Whew! What a week. Thank goodness I got out of there on time, I don’t want to be late. 774 more words

Day To Day

Ladies - Do You Groom?

I’m not talking in general, but specifically when you go to the gynecologist. Do you groom your body before a pap smear or gynecologist exam? I mean I can’t be the only woman who thinks it is important when heading to the gynecologist to make sure that my pedicure is fresh and everything else from the top to body is as well. 213 more words


red hair...don't care.

I got the “red hair…don’t care” award from my residents a couple years ago.  I loved it.  They decided this award was best for me because I shoot pretty straight on most things; especially when it comes to the residents and medical students I work with.   931 more words

Counting my blessings! It's been a year.

It’s ‪#‎thankfulThursay‬ and I have so much to be thankful for! One year ago today, I had a breast tumor removed and a bilateral reduction. Scary stuff, but God is faithful!!! 217 more words