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To Pap or not to Pap, that is the question

Women confuse the gynecology exam as being  simply a Pap smear visit. Now that word is out that a Pap is recommended every 3-5 years. women have crossed the visit to the gynecologist off their schedule. 301 more words

Annual Exam

Lady Parts Doctor Visit

I went for my annual exam today.  You know, with the lady parts doctor.  Weirdly, I was looking forward to this appointment.  I felt I needed to touch base with Dr. 523 more words

The Cost of Unconditional Love

Pets are a wonderful thing; they give us unconditional love and expect virtually nothing in return. We turn to them in times of stress and sorrow, and with a tug of a rope toy or a goofy lick of our faces, our troubles seem to disappear. 814 more words


What is a true PHYSICAL EXAM: Here is what it is not!

Is your new years resolution to get your yearly check up?  What does that really mean? Patients frequently say they are going to the doctor for a “check up”. 392 more words


"So, It Looks Like Your Pap Came Back Abnormal"

I’m in my kitchen, daydreaming about a new laptop, willing my computer to please move faster than the glacial pace it had settled on operating at lately. 577 more words


The Annual Exam.....Passe' ?

Several times per week, I will have patients coming in for their “annual physical exam.” They will say something like, “I will be 50 on my next birthday and I would like a complete exam to make sure I don’t have diabetes, cancer, etc. 461 more words

Costs Of Annual Check Up

Modesty at the Gyno

Like, what’s the point?

Every year at my annual, and any subsequent visits in-between, I get undressed and immediately squirrel away my bra and/or underwear. Every. 242 more words