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Happy New year to you and your family.  As we start the year, I wanted to make you aware of some changes you will see the next time you bring your pet in for their annual exam.  151 more words


When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

I found out I was pregnant back in August, 2013. I had been suspicious for about a week, but I had taken two home pregnancy tests and both were negative! 283 more words

My Family

throwback thursdays (vol. 9): doorknockers

Today’s TBT picture has nothing to do with the post, but everything to do with how much I love my son! This picture is from when he was seven, and he’s so cute I just can’t stand it. 138 more words

Embarrassing Myself

Demand Your Pap Smear!

I just learned today that my insurance covers me for an annual Pap Smear. If it wasn’t for Obama Care I wouldn’t have known.

Apparently I was covered last year too. 183 more words

Annie's Annual

Some of you may remember that a bit ago Annie was scheduled for her annual vet exam, and I was not really sure how we were going to capture her to get her there. 644 more words


My cat doesn't need a check up because... A Cat Owners Most Costly Phrase

Do I have to take my cat to the vet every year?  According to Pet Ownership Survey Data, there are over 12 million more cats with owners than dogs, sadly Veterinarians see on average 52% less felines than canines on a regular basis.   634 more words