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Preventing Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is a disease of aging and at this time there is no vaccine or sure fire way to completely prevent prostate cancer. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risks. 313 more words

Prostate Cancer

How Often Do You Need To See Me?

You may wonder how the decision is made to making the next appointment for a patient. Is there a book, or now a website with guidelines, that guide physicians on when to make the patients’ next appointments? 729 more words

PSA Testing

Warren Buffet And Prostate Cancer Screening

I have been asked multiple times today about Warren Buffet’s diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The questions include: Why was Mr. Buffet even screened for prostate cancer? 353 more words

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer test promising- A Simple urinalysis might lead to more-precise diagnoses

Prostate cancer test promising
Urinalysis might lead to more-precise diagnoses.

Researchers said Thursday they are closer to developing a urine test that can better detect which prostate cancers are aggressive and potentially life-threatening. 328 more words

Prostate Cancer

To Screen Or Not Screen-That’s the Question, What’s the Answer?

Annual cancer tests are becoming a thing of the past. New guidelines for cervical cancer screening have experts at odds over some things, but they are united in the view that the common practice of getting a Pap test for cervical cancer every year is too often and probably doing more harm than good. 271 more words

Prostate Cancer

Watchful Waiting May Be An Option for Low-Grade Prostate Cancer

A recent report coming from research at Johns Hopkins University demonstrated that men with very low-grade prostate cancer may be able to be observed closely for any progression and avoid or delay treatment.  164 more words

Prostate Cancer

When Getting The Finger May Just Be A Good Thing-Finger Length Used to Detect Prostate Cancer

A recent study from England identified another predictor for prostate cancer.  Men with index fingers longer than the ring finger have a significantly less likelihood of developing prostate cancer. 131 more words

Prostate Cancer