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Prisoners of Marriage

What’s the sense of having an annulment in the Philippines if only the rich can file for that? How can the lawmakers preserve the sanctity of marriage by not having a divorce law? 100 more words


Divorce Basics--A short primer

What is the difference between a divorce and a dissolution of marriage? Divorce and annulment?

Dissolution in Ohio is simply an uncontested, non-adversarial divorce.  With divorce versus annulment, in a divorce the marriage is coming to an end.  314 more words

Is Your Marriage For Keeps?

Marriage is just so easy nowadays! Why many people succumb to this sacred thing and just walk away with just one simple problem? What really is marriage? 143 more words


DOJ Rule on Electronic Filing of Petition for Review

Lawyer In Iloilo City

The Use Of Surnames

Get to know the law on using surnames in case of annulment, marriage or legitimizing a child.

Divorce vs. Annulment

Often when a marriage ends, especially with very short term marriages, one party may wonder whether to file for an annulment rather than a divorce. While a divorce terminates a marriage, and an annulment decrees that the marriage never existed.  171 more words


M&A news: First publicly reported failure-to-file accusation in COMESA

Commission goes after Dutch paint manufacturer in Uganda in supra-national enforcement action threat

By AAT staff

The African expansion saga of Japanese paint manufacturer Kansai… 540 more words