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The Difference Between Divorce and Annulment

Judge Shanon Riley graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2001. In the same year, Judge Shanon Riley became a member of the State Bar of New Mexico, and began her practice in the legal profession. 128 more words

Judge Shanon Riley

And So It Begins

Last night,  a Realtor showed up but his client could not see house due to a severe cat allergy.  I just had a couple walk through today,  but I stayed with the animals so I don’t know. 14 more words

True Life

Don’t Waste Your Time With “The Tribunal” if Understanding the Catholic Annulment Process is Your Goal

Many aspects of the Catholic faith are criticized simply because they are misunderstood.  The annulment process is one that mystifies even quite a few who say they are Catholic. 1,137 more words



I’ve pretty much shut down communication with the recent round of guys who were texting and calling me. [Calling me! Seriously, what is it with guys and the phone? 1,228 more words


To Annul or Not to Annul?

A few weeks after my divorce was final, I began searching online for help and direction. I searched the Catholic websites in hopes of finding more than just practical advice. 2,013 more words


Meant To Be

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. Not our. My. We are divorced, he is remarried. According to my church I am still married, because in my church divorce is a human construct that doesn’t really exist in God’s world, and if I want to get married again, I have to prove to my church that I was never really married in the first place. 231 more words


Process of Annotating the Marriage Certificate After Annulment Has Been Granted

We receive a lot of inquiries about the annotation of marriage certificates after the annulment has been handed down by the court.  Most couples think that the moment they receive the finality of the annulment, they are free to get married anytime.  292 more words

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