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Process of Annotating the Marriage Certificate After Annulment Has Been Granted

We receive a lot of inquiries about the annotation of marriage certificates after the annulment has been handed down by the court.  Most couples think that the moment they receive the finality of the annulment, they are free to get married anytime.  292 more words

NSO Birth Certificates And More

Continuing On

Have you ever written an entire post and had it disappear instead of posting? ANNOYING!

D. has moved the big stuff to his new place. However, since his friends could only make one trip; he is coming every day and picking up boxes from garage. 115 more words

True Life

Bravery in Giving Up

“Family, where life begins and love never ends”

They were supposed to feed your heart full of love and happiness. They were the ones who’ll love you and take care of you unconditionally, but sometimes, apparently, they are the people who break our heart and would leave a mark there forever. 1,528 more words


Reformation in England

England was slow to join the Reformation but when the Pope refused to grant King Henry VIII a divorce (or more accurately an annulment) Henry withdrew England from the Roman Catholic Church. 131 more words

He Is Leaving

He got the call tonight that the apartment is ready and he can pick up the keys in the morning. Now, I guess he is going to see if he can borrow his friends van for a few loads. 68 more words

True Life

Complaint Update

Life can be extremely difficult sometimes. .explaining how you feel, trying for tough love, wanting someone you love to leave because they have changed to someone you don’t know and can’t communicate with anymore. 100 more words

True Life

Living Situation and Halloween Party

I am not a Pushover (or don’t believe I

am) however, when D. has problems with the moving date; I work with him. We had a talk and I told him I feel like I am being taken advantage of, so this time he paid me for this week.

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True Life