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It's Over

I write this through tears because the Annulment was granted and my marriage is over.   Maybe I should be happy but, it really hurts.   I loved my husband but the drugs won out and so did the alcohol he added to it.   121 more words

True Life

Holidays Are Starting

Good morning,

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.   I look forward to hearing how you spent your Holiday.

SO? D. and I are still texting since he apologized although that’s it for a while,  I think.   101 more words


Another Life Update

I have not received any offers on house and price has already been dropped 10 K.  People are leaving negative feedback regarding the cat smell.   I have 4 cats here!   96 more words

True Life

"Oh, no - I read your blog! I've got this!" (and other quick updates)

Quick updates:

1) Well, color me Wrong! about my election predictions from my last post – wow!

2) It’s now been more-than two months since the judge ( 673 more words


The Power of Letting Go

I just received good news when I woke up this morning! I was on the way out of the bathroom when my phone rang. My phone rarely rings because people rarely call me since they can always contact me online. 659 more words