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Divorce vs. Annulment

Often when a marriage ends, especially with very short term marriages, one party may wonder whether to file for an annulment rather than a divorce. While a divorce terminates a marriage, and an annulment decrees that the marriage never existed.  171 more words


M&A news: First publicly reported failure-to-file accusation in COMESA

Commission goes after Dutch paint manufacturer in Uganda in supra-national enforcement action threat

By AAT staff

The African expansion saga of Japanese paint manufacturer Kansai… 540 more words


Dissolution of Marriage

Painful though it is for someone whose novels always have a Happy Ever After ending (I don’t think I’m giving anything away there), I have to conclude the short series on betrothal and marriage with a post on the dissolution of marriages. 573 more words

Medieval Marriage

Can She Even GET An Annulment, And How Much Does It Cost?

Can She Even GET An Annulment, And How Much Does It Cost? (Last updated 16 September 2017) First Of All, Why An Annulment?  I m Not Even Religious, Why Should I Care? 47 more words

On Annulment, Commissioner's Hearing, and Court Staff Kindness

July 24 to July 28, 2017 is my third week of work in a Makati full service firm. I was tasked to interview a client regarding an annulment case that he wishes to file. 776 more words

New Lawyer

More about Bai Macfarlane

As I said yesterday, Bai Macfarlane has resources available for Catholics who wish to defend their marriages in an annulment proceeding. Her website, Mary’s Advocates, 333 more words


But what about abusive marriages?

When people learn that I oppose no-fault divorce, some will say, “You have forgotten about abusive marriages.” When the Ruth Institute, the organization that I lead, describes itself as “The World’s Only Campaign to End Family Breakdown,” we hear again, “But what about abusive marriages?” 805 more words