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Falling in Love With the Future

It’s been a while since my last post – seems post-exam stress hits you harder than the worries you get before. But the lack of exams has also meant I can watch more anime, to the point that I finished my first ever binge-watch today: the entire series of… 1,958 more words


Waiting in the Summer

By now you know how into anime I am.

But owing to how addictive they are, I set myself the following criterion:
1. Less than 100 episodes. 962 more words


Kelloggs' Chronicles of Quality Cartoons #10: Ano Natsu de Matteru

We’re on to the top ten now which means it’s time to really get into the heavy hitters. 1,751 more words


Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode #13

Welcome back, Lemom-sempai and Rinon!

Ah AnoNatsu, it’s been almost two years since I’ve watched this series, which is basically a spiritual successor to the Onegai Teacher series! 466 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 7

“Your anime crush.”

I’ve finally reached the first week of this challenge and I have to say it has been rather fun doing this. So without further ado, my answer to this question! 62 more words


Review: Ano Natsu de Matteru Special

Prior knowledge: AnoNatsu Original Series

Depending on what you thought of the parent series you might have been all for this special episode or ignoring it outright. 874 more words


Anime Omnibus #2

HAL (2013)

If it weren’t for a friend of mine who recommended this short film to me I would be less richer as a result. Creatively speaking anyway. 1,117 more words