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Demon Panthers; Helicopter Crew Meets UFO; Doppelganger

The S3/Ep08 episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America featured a cryptid, an otherworldly encounter, and a paranormal experience, a bit of something for everyone!  In Alexander City in Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest ( 482 more words


March 2015: Air temperature anomalies

March has proved to be very mild month across much of the Arctic, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe so far, with surface air temperature anomalies as high as +12°C in the Arctic ocean just north of Novaya Zemyla. 57 more words


Mantis Man; Spottsville Monster; Tornado Phantoms...

In the S3/Ep07 installment of Monsters and Mysteries in America, the first segment concerned a huge, hostile Bigfoot-type beast reported in Spottsville in the northwest part of Kentucky. 409 more words


Divine Intervention 09/06/13

***On September 06, 2013 I experienced a small Divine Intervention (again through music); though it lasted perhaps no more than 10 minutes, surely its significance doesn’t nearly compare in size. 321 more words

Targeted Individual

Carolina Reptile Man; Succubus; Napa Rebobs...

The Carolina Reptile Man is a cold-blooded reptilian beast recently profiled on Monsters and Mysteries in America that supposedly preys upon unsuspecting campers along the South Carolina coast.  536 more words


Weather anomalies

Some of my favorite days of the year are weather anomaly days. Various days like a rainy summer day, a warm fall day, or a sunny winter day. 167 more words


People with anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder have similar brain anomalies

People with anorexia nervosa and with body dysmorphic disorder have similar abnormalities in their brains that affect their ability to process visual information, a new UCLA study reveals.

46 more words
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