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Appreciating your anomalies><

As human beings, we have a lot in common! We played in the yard with friends when we were young, we played hide and seek, we attended family gatherings or maybe we just slept with the lights on! 275 more words

Collective Development

"First Shot a Winner, Lads" on "The Terror"

Well, the Royal Navy would appear to have fully engaged the Tuunbaq on Season 1, Episode 5 of The Terror, with blood drawn on both sides but the British at least putting on a good show for Queen and country.- –Well played, Lads!   278 more words


The Observer at Infinity: J.W. Dunne vs. the Volcano

“Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what’s known as infinity” – Jean Cocteau… 1,451 more words


Link me, link me, link me...

Last weekend, the same day as the Mission Day in Maidstone, the Wolves of Belgium and the Lions of the Netherlands joined forces with the Enlightened in the UK to link Ghent to Norwich.  67 more words


Rampage:  Megafauna Rampant...

I’m glad that my cousin, Ralph, finally made it to the big screen! He always had dreams of going to Hollywood, and deserved it after all those years of parking cars, pumping gas, and hanging out at furry and video game conventions. 268 more words


"Punished, As A Boy" on "The Terror"

To dispense with what the episode title refers to, it appears that when you’re “punished as a boy” on a 19th century British ship, you’re flogged on your bottom rather than on your back, complete with all of your shipmates watching for both pain and humiliation.  297 more words