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February 2015: Warm Russia cold Eastern America

The cold anomalies across North America are very evident in the NCEP Reanalysis data that I have just downloaded from NOAA. Anomalies fell to less than -10°C over the great Lakes in the last week of February. 212 more words


Can the church marry secular science?

Science is very selective in what it uses as evidence and what it ignores as anomalies because it must conform to excepted propositions. Christians who try to marry secular science with Christian beliefs are putting God in a box in the sense that they need to be able to understand his ways. 191 more words

The Mill Race Monster; Deadly Rain; Devil Dogs...

On Monsters and Mysteries in America, we were recently presented with the Mill Race Monster, a gargantuan green beast reportedly observed in Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana.   516 more words


Okay, let's put some of this stuff together.

I haven’t written recently because I have been sick. I don’t mean “I have the sniffles”, I mean in the bed cannot move, can barely breathe, feels like my lungs are filling up with water sick. 1,918 more words

Geoengineering And Chemtrails

I/we must be on to something.

Recently, I have been attacked. Online. Not by one, but by a “gang” of what I call “trolls”. Satan’s trolls. When discussing something important on the truths (or not) of chemtrails, I watched these trolls terrorize a woman trying to put out her message. 213 more words

Geoengineering And Chemtrails

February Climate Anomalies Log

This post is the twelfth in a set for the 12 calendar months that began with March. Graphs are sixteen-year logs of the monthly mean anomaly values of nine climate variables for Manilla, NSW, with fitted trend lines. 577 more words

Manilla NSW

The Pigman of Vermont!

Men are such pigs, sometimes…or so I’ve been told, and can well believe, especially after seeing a recent episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America… 698 more words