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"Haunted Cabin" on"Terror in the Woods

The Haunted Cabin episode of “Terror in the Woods” (S1/Ep8) was basically a ghost story, but with a side order of cryptid thrown in.  The story was pleasantly scary and creepy, and I  477 more words


Wärndorfer and the Poltergeist of Lerchenfelderstrasse 158

“There are only two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data…” – GrouchyRabbit.com

Aren’t you pleased science solved that pesky Yeti problem?  2,176 more words


"The Shape of Water" is Extraordinary!

It’s being called everything from a sympathetic re-telling of “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” to an origins story for the Abe Sapien character from Hellboy, but by most accounts The Shape of Water is one of the best films that Guillermo del Toro has produced.   136 more words


Radio Free EsoterX: Obscure Ghost Ships

Ahoy! With intrepid explorer of the fringe and gracious host of “Where did the Road Go?”, Seriah Azkath, we examine obscure ghosts ships that have long been overshadowed by attention hogs like the… 35 more words


"Hunted by Bigfoot" on "Terror in the Woods"

The S1/Ep2 episode of Terror in the Woods on Destination America was titled Hunted by Bigfoot, and was an hour-long account of a personal encounter with the legendary cryptic creature. 280 more words


Only connect!

Good luck to all those lucky agents headed to anomalies this weekend, whether that be Bruges, Madrid, Tallinn or further afield!

For those of us staying behind, don’t forget that we can contribute by helping to win a packet of intel because connected cells and the global MU challenge are back! 89 more words