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Year 2, Day 17

Horizon 9 returns home! The crew carries the recovered science data from the last Arch mission on Mun!

The crew sets down for a nice water landing! 11 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 15

The Horizon lander heads up! Eventually the two craft rendevous, and start the trip home! Word comes in from the Kerbin Republic Senate – they’re so impressed with our discoveries and research regarding the Munar Arches that they’re giving us increased funding – just what we need to upgrade our space center and start the trips to Duna and Eve. Yay!

Horizon 9 heads home!

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 14

Horizon 9 arrives at Mun! The new CRV seems to be performing well – with extra batteries and an internal probe core for remote piloting, Phil reports it handles quite well… and for the first time random eclipses haven’t lead to a nearly deadly loss of power! 55 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 13

Horizon 9 is rolled out! This will be the last Arch mission if everything goes well – Phil, Bill, and Dilby will also be testing out the CRV3b, a slightly modified Crew Return Vehicle, as well as the alternate lander, both use the poodle replacement engine, the LV-T95-8! 20 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 5

Just what ARE these arches? Do they serve some kind of purpose? Leia flies around the craft to take readings and get a good look. 44 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 3

Horizon 8 arrives at Mun! Orfen circularizes the orbit, and changes alignment to provide a good landing zone for the lander!

Orlan and Leia transfer to the Lander, and head down! 33 more words

Horizon Missions

Year 2, Day 2

Horizon 8 rolls out! This will be the first launch of the new year ! An entire year of carefully planned and successful spaceflights has proven that the Kerbin Republic has a success… and that if Kerbals work together they can accomplish anything! 27 more words

Horizon Missions