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It's time to move... to Belfast!

Anomaly sites have now been formally confirmed: https://plus.google.com/+Ingress/posts/YjnRW7Yx8QH

And it’s exciting to see that we have an anomaly right here in the UK in the wonderful city of Belfast.   24 more words

How Well Do Anomalies in Finance and Accounting Replicate?

[From the abstract of a recent NBER working paper by Kewei Hou, Chen Xue, and Lu Zhang entitled “Replicating Anomalies”]
“The anomalies literature is infested with widespread p-hacking. 97 more words

Huckleberry's Predator...

Skipping now the “Superfan” episode of the previous week which basically served to recycle old material, S5/Ep5 of Mountain Monsters picked up with Jeff and Trapper being found in a barn by the rest of the  259 more words


Involving Crossing a Determinant Bundle by Scattering Off an Elephant's Leg

The day four of the meeting began with a fantastic talk on Conformal Bootstrap by Parijat Dey (IISc). She started her lecture by drawing the phase diagram of water and briefly discussing the universal features at the critical point. 1,929 more words

Entanglement Without Quantum Mechanics, Strings Without Strings, and Symmetries That Aren't

After an awesome first day, the second day continued to carry forward the momentum. We had Vinay Malvimat’s second talk on entanglement — with a guest appearance by Ronak M Soni (TIFR) — and Sudip Ghosh (ICTS) giving the second talk on scattering amplitudes and the CHY formula; finally, in the evening, Pratik Roy (IoP) began his three-lecture series on anomalies. 1,566 more words

The "Black Wolf" Mountain Monster Saga Continues...

The Black Wolf, according to the visitor to the AIMS base camp in the previous episode, has been around for 200 years, and is the spirit of a Shawnee shaman who takes their spirits to the afterlife, kind of like a Grim Reaper.   400 more words


Anomalies are coming!

Not content with announcing Magnus Builder, Ingress has also announced that anomalies will be coming in Q3 and Q4 and that there will be other incredible events! 16 more words