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People with Unusual Eyes, Hair and Skin Combinations

There are a number of comments and videos these days about people with unusual — even quite startling — features.  A focus seems to be on blue- and green-eyed children with red or blonde hair and unique skin coloring — all features which appear to be outside of the norm for their particular gene pool.  311 more words


Scapeghosting: Don’t Blame the Dead Guy

“The best way to avoid becoming a scapegoat is to find one” ― Warren Eyster

It’s traditional, and no doubt part of the curriculum in your finer business schools, to place the blame for project mismanagement on the guy who just left.  1,872 more words


Pension issues in SBI–a petition addressed to the Bank by Ramchandra Upadhyaya:

Quite pertinently meaningful a petition addressed to the Chairperson of State Bank by Ramchandra Upadhyaya, a retiree as General Manager of the Bank, in most logical an order with facts and figures, is the one that warrants a close perusal by the pensioners of all cadres in India.

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9.) Everywhere

My wife was tired. We had fallen asleep in front of the television the last two nights and we refused to let that happen again. Too late, again.

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New Theory of Desert Formation

M.J. Harper has proposed a new theory for the distribution of the Earth’s deserts and presents it with a DVD “The Distribution of Deserts, A New Theory, M J Harper”, available from Amazon… 512 more words

Hare-brained Theories

The Perseid Meteor Shower Is About To Peak. Here's How To Watch - SAM SANDERS AUGUST 12, 2015 1:26 PM ET

Fifty-one Perseid meteors were captured in this composite image of 30-second exposures taken over six hours in 2004. The annual Perseid meteor shower is one of the most visible to the human eye. 277 more words