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Bad Coffee, Good People

I watch as suit-clad patrons bark into cellphones, shoulder-pressed to their ears. How they seem to vibrate with impatience and radiate a wall of indifference for those around them, letting only a Large Mocha Frappucino into their bubble of inflated self-importance. 414 more words


The New Cost of Education

I remember my first day of school. My mom hugged me, handed me my lunch, and began to cry. I didn’t understand why, and perhaps I won’t fully understand until I have children of my own, but by then I will have a very different reason to cry. 202 more words


To the Younger me I'd say

By Anonymous 2.

it all goes on
it doesn’t stop here
it doesn’t stop now Pompey have
been knocked out of the cup
it doesn’t stop cos Christine Hampton… 29 more words


ISIS Calls Anonymous ‘Idiots’ as Cyber War Heats Up


ISIS has offered instructions on how to safeguard members against attacks

ISIS, the militant group that has taken credit for tragic attacks on Paris over the weekend, has opened a new front in a cyber war with Anonymous. 649 more words

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Anonymous Nobody?

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed but the name of my blog has changed! I decided to change it because, well, I think this sounds better. 41 more words

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Anonymous Outs 4 Republican Senators As Associated With The KKK And Hate Groups


Republican senators Thom Tills (NC), Dan Coates (IN), John Cornyn (TX) and Johnny Isakson (GA) have all been outed by an Anonymous document dump that is seeking to reveal the identities of 1,000 members of the KKK and other affiliated racial hate groups. 415 more words

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Anonymous Plans to Reveal Names of Up to 1000 Ku Klux Klan Members


Anonymous, the infamous group of activist hackers that’s hacked the Islamic State group and the CIA, announced Thursday on Twitter that it had accessed an official Ku Klux Klan Twitter account — and plans to reveal the names of up to 1,000 Klan members… 430 more words

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