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Lying (Part I and II)

Part I (2003)

Finding a man is hard,
Constantly on your guard,
Wondering if you fit muster before you fuck

So many choices,
Be you a bear, 331 more words


Amarillo City Debauch

Oh so mellow,
Arriving in the bus terminal,
Intent on finishing my personal city to city pub crawl,
Having a motherfucking ball on my way to New York City… 146 more words


Thank You Gents (a poem to commemorate the best sex I ever had in New York)

I will always remember Brice,
And Dovid,
And David,
And Peter,
And Marcus Ling,
And Exiene,
And Marcus Kramer,
And Randall,
And Juan,
And Pete, 164 more words


The Last Time

If your sober at the Limelight,
You’re not doing it right,
God forbid your sober

Getting stoned on the dance floor,
Didn’t seem like such a chore, 105 more words


To Justin (the one I should have left alone)

I loved you,
I know I did,
But why did my face turn blue,
When you told me that you only fucked boys with no self esteem… 96 more words



Looking at you,
I never felt blue,
Knowing I was with you

You made me feel,
Sex with you had it’s appeal

The way you touched me, 57 more words


Last Nite.

I had gone down to CP’s for… I do not know what. The tether on my identity has been lax for some months now, partially due to my ignorance regarding the man holding the leash. 618 more words