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I’m on your bed, being licked out and pleasantly happily happy. My wrists are cuffed, just because, and you spanked me earlier, just because too, and now I’m being licked and everything is good. 386 more words


10-12 Turn It Off

who are you?
white light,
on the five
passing by,
fur speckled
pecs, abs,
sad eyes,
tight white undies,
bulging, hi,
yo, handsome, 38 more words

An Anonymous Letter

Here’s what I might do to you.

I might take every piece of your body I can use for sex and make it mine.

I might take your mouth and see how much I can demean it while my cock is inside of it. 355 more words


Ranting and Raving: Boys, Boys, Boys

I know. A positive start. But I have a psa, of sorts, for boys. And yes I do mean boys, no matter your age, if you act like this, you are a boy. 831 more words


I'm A Girl Who Has NSA Sex With Guys I Meet Online, Here's Exactly What I Look For In Their Profile

I’m a young, average looking woman (26 and not ugly, but 20ish pounds overweight) and I frequently (once a week usually) have anonymous sex with men I meet online. 1,430 more words

So after my one good and two kind of average/poor experiences last week, I once again found myself spending the night at my lovely real life greek gods place. 648 more words

The Bar

I told you I was going out with some friends that night. I told you what bar. We had not discussed meeting in real life much. 1,114 more words