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The Visitor

Awakened by a soft kiss and a gentle “shhhhhhhhh” I look up in an attempt to see the woman straddling my naked body.  The lack of streetlights near this island beach bungalow makes it quite dark, but not as dark as when unwittingly blindfolded in my sleep. 791 more words



Well, seems like things are working out well. I have a morning fly-in/fly-out I’m terribly slick about. It won’t be very long, so I’m gonna make it fuckin fabulous. 240 more words


The Toolbox (a summation in 5 stanzas or less)

The basement,
Dark and Dank,
Dimly lit,
It fucking stank

But if you slipped the bartender a $20,
The patrons would let you be,
As you did the nasty in the specially carved out booths… 38 more words


The City of Falling Angels (circa 2003)

Los Angeles has the bearing of a fallen angel,
Descending from grace,
Landing smack dab in the middle of Sodom and Gomorrah,

And boy did I enjoy the horror! 111 more words


Lying (Part I and II)

Part I (2003)

Finding a man is hard,
Constantly on your guard,
Wondering if you fit muster before you fuck

So many choices,
Be you a bear, 331 more words


Amarillo City Debauch

Oh so mellow,
Arriving in the bus terminal,
Intent on finishing my personal city to city pub crawl,
Having a motherfucking ball on my way to New York City… 146 more words


Thank You Gents (a poem to commemorate the best sex I ever had in New York)

I will always remember Brice,
And Dovid,
And David,
And Peter,
And Marcus Ling,
And Exiene,
And Marcus Kramer,
And Randall,
And Juan,
And Pete, 164 more words