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I am held together with bandaids.  They are the glue that holds everything in

Each insult, laugh, jest opens another part of me.

But I’ll just patch it up, place another bandaid until I’m more bandaid than person. 85 more words

Creative Writing

Anonymous - Follow Your Heart on YouTube

Gorgeous & #inspirational msg from #Anonymous | Don’t waste your life doing stuff you don’t like so you can have more money to do stuff you don’t really like! 91 more words

Engaging the Enemy

I stopped writing. Not because I wanted to, but rather because a certain individual was leaving a string of unpleasant responses to everything I wrote (and unrelated). 865 more words



Sometimes I think about not being anonymous on this blog. I think about just signing my name even, not my whole name just my first, or even just the first letter. 30 more words

Sexual Abuse


I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. I think I will have a bruise on my face from all the facepalming I’ve been doing for the past… 18 hours. 104 more words



Today I ran into a really old friend. I have known him since I was about three. We met at preschool and then he started coming to my church because his grandfather was going at the time. 338 more words



I feel like I’m slowly disappearing. Maybe if I just turn sideways, I’ll fade into the background and no one will notice that I’m gone.


Creative Writing