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Cheers to Journaling: Introducing Myself to Nobody

WELCOME!! I’ve never kept a journal or a diary. I’ve tried to plenty of times, but the failure has been perpetual. I know my title says introducing me, but I won’t even bother because the odds of this working out are lower than you would like to believe. 730 more words


Q-Anon 18th Feb INTEL DUMB ~ Espionage / Iran / Shooting / Snowden is a bad guy, ES failed, THE DAY OF RECKONING IS UPON US

Q actually just locked and hid the thread, you can view it here where Anons were posting on /greatawakening/ below

::::: INTEL:::::


~ Galactic Human ~ 216 more words


Purple Panic

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I hope you are all well rested and had a lovely sunny weekend. The Monday rain is surrounding me…*sarcastically* yay just what I needed this morning! 435 more words


The Q in LGBTQ is my life

Hi I’m Rylee and I’m struggling with my sexuality. I’ve always been attracted to guys. But deep down I’ve always been sexually attracted to girls. I envision myself getting married to a man and having kids but I can’t help but also want to be fucking women. 283 more words