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You greased my lips like olive oil

and opened me up—

peeled back the foil.

You let—my steam—

seep out.


Missed Connections: To Yiddish Speaking Guy From the Party in McBain

You had me at העלא!!!!! The moment I heard you that good spittin that sensual good

yid, Waterfalls by TLC s started blasting in my head. 149 more words

Missed Connections

A05: Proposal +5 - anonymous

For my research essay I will be examining America’s efforts to stop sexual assaults in the college setting.

A05: Proposal+5

​In her eyes
Her beautiful eyes

I see something so beautiful

In her eyes I see my reflection

A reflection of my future

Beauty in the way she fell in love with my demons the same demons I thought she’d fret… 71 more words


Anonymous hacker charged with #opJustina DDoS attacks on hospitals

The Anonymous-affiliated hacker who admitted to cyberattacks on two hospitals in the #opJustina operation and fled the country while being investigated was indicted last week. 662 more words


"Safe" Singapore [Week 7]

The second of September might just be any other day for people all over the world, but in Singapore, it was a well-known joke that it was the day we experienced the second coming of ‘The Messiah”. 428 more words