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Q-ANON~ INTEL UPDATE 24th April 2018 ~ The Red Cross, Double-Cross # "Learn the TRUTH."UBL Exchange, Armenia is Free

It seems Q Site Got Hacked and Post from 24th Feb 2018 onwards got deleted ???? Massive Update was going on the Q-Board all deleted Now!!…..Also Q Exposed ALgore ,  and the global warming agenda which served several purposes including as a vehicle for the moving of funds worldwide.”Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that. 388 more words



Maybe not forever…but maybe so.

Right now it feels like I’m making a mistake because I’m walking into the cloudiest, foggiest, smoke-filled room I’ve ever walked into. 215 more words


He'sSANE = freelancer,Business Owner,Independent Contractor,Consultant;Self Employed

imTHane + graph art

HimSane + graph art

He’sSANE + graph art

aw./sanity ain’t mentality rather is though MYY B.rand N.ew = ADULT Sheet

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An Expert Plan

If You Only Knew This Was For You

If I wrote about you, do you think I’d let you read it? Probably not. I’m afraid of what you would say. But I’m dying to know what you think! 729 more words

“Never build a kingdom with someone who craves attention from the village.”

This holiday season has been a strange one. For us, it started about a week sooner than usual with an early date for Tony’s big ‘do. 934 more words


I Cannot Sing The Old Songs - anonymous

I cannot sing the old songs
I sang long years ago,
For heart and voice would fail me,
And foolish tears would flow;
Far by-gone hours come o’er my heart… 98 more words


What's the point?

It’s been 21 years since I was brought into this world. It’s been 21 years since my innocence. We’re brought into this world without an option. 337 more words