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ISIS is winning hearts & minds, NOT USA

MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2015

Here is another recent Article that I like by the Anthropologist

ISIS is winning hearts & minds, NOT USA

More of our INTEL… 562 more words


6-Point Plan to Defeat ISIS in the Propaganda War

Below is a Great Article refereed to me by The Anthropologist

But first my thoughts on this
There is some online differences between al Qaeda and ISIS and so me this has been a bit of a surprise. 1,721 more words


Stay Positive

It’s definitely been one of those Mondays. I haven’t been able to release my stress because my ankle is still healing and it’s been really putting a damper on my mood. 295 more words


Here we go...

Erm, hi.

I’d like to start by saying that this is very new to me as I have never wrote blog posts before. So I did this as I want to write down and share parts of my life with someone, I guess I mean  148 more words


Teaser of my new series

Hi everyone! I broken up from school for the Easter holidays!  So I have lots more time to write some more blog posts! I was looking for ideas to write today when I  noticed that some people write a chapter of a story once a week. 1,218 more words


The anonymous urban dwellers

Unnamed, unidentified, unacknowledged and invisible urban dwellers. Anonymity provides them the comfort of a new beginning, an opportunity to expand horizons without preconceptions or expectations. They are free to cross the borders of their minds and renew themselves. 16 more words


Art Imitates Life: The Powerful Message of V for Vendetta

This month makes nine years since the release of the V for Vendetta film directed by James McTeigue, and, 27 years since the graphic novel was released by DC Comics in 1988. 638 more words

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