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The Beauty of Anonymity

I am an oversharer.

I’ve never been capable of having a purely anonymous presence on the internet.

I give way too much of myself away. … 83 more words


Stalk her...

People are really on my case… Andrew first, though he still denies everything about the daisies, and now Sandy.

She says some guy has been calling the office just saying “Mathilda?….” and hanging up when she offered to transfer the call. 71 more words


4 - My Love Story (Part 1/3)

He just appeared. Literally, he just came out of nowhere and flipped my life upside down from day 1.

If I could describe the feeling of meeting him and knowing he was ‘the one’ I would describe it as relieving but overwhelming. 314 more words


Todays stresses!

So today has been a big old whirlwind of stress! So much has been going through my head constantly! From trying to sort out how I’m going to see everyone and spend enough time with each of them when I head back down south! 630 more words

Not fooled.

I know it wasn’t you. Contact me via the usual methods.


The Blocked Forum: State and Cultural Censorship in the Modern World (Guest Post)

by Carla at The Right Side of Truth

Censorship is a first step towards a totalitarian dystopia and the total reign of ignorance. No matter how good intentions might be, Americans, and everyone else around the world, must remain vigilant to the ever-more concerted efforts to censor information and ideas, regardless of how disagreeable they might be to any given group of people. 1,210 more words

New World Order


Hindi ko alam kung anong meron sayo

Tila ba’ga napakamisteryoso mo.

Pag ako’y tumitingin sa mga mata mo

Parang ang lungkot-lungkot nito.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako ganito sayo… 77 more words