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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Face In The Crowd

This anonymous dog-walker, lost in his own thoughts but with his faithful pet loyally tagging along, may not even have noticed the exceptionally blue sea on a perfect autumn day at St Andrews harbour – nor all the other people with their dogs that surrounded him: at a respectful, privacy-preserving, distance, of course. 8 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

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im over emotional,

that much is certain.

i go through phases; sometimes i feel like the moon-

or maybe the tides.

waxing and waning.

ebbing and flowing. 179 more words



I got pregnant, and then I lost it.

It’s called a chemical pregnancy, essentially, a very early miscarriage. A lot of women have them, something like 50-60% of all first pregnancies end this way, and many don’t even know it. 960 more words

Life Without Cell Service

With the major changes I made to my every day lifestyle, I found myself unable to afford such luxuries like cell phone service and unlimited Nutella. 1,148 more words


Pt. 2 (Tailspin)

From Day 1 that he knew you, you could be overbearing and clingy. The day that he decided to give you a chance as his girlfriend, I wish he could’ve thought it out, known how it would end. 955 more words

Abusive Relationship

Q-Anon 21st Feb INTEL-Decode DUMB ~ Moving up time table" Code signals Everything has meaning or a purpose.

Cute quotes about stay tuned we are moving the time lineup sessions and the scare where they found a gun in the Secret Service Car, also my viewpoint on something else I’ve been doing in some of my latest videos that I don’t want to print about or get flagged for or even put in the title you’ll see at the end… 102 more words