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i once was told

that people don’t feel their clothes

ya know, during their day to day lives

as a person with anorexia

i feel every fabric- 38 more words

I Have An Eating Disorder

When I was about 10 years old, two years after I stopped eating, my pediatrician was worried that I had anorexia. I was forced to talk on the phone with a helpline. 887 more words


Freedom is a state of mind.





Possible bipolar disorder. 

Possible schizophrenia. 

These are my personal demons who dedicated their entire existence to making my life a living hell. 1,284 more words


What Is It Like To Have an Eating Disorder?

Trying to explain to someone what it is actually like to have an eating disorder is VERY difficult to explain…but what the heck? I might as well give it a go regardless. 412 more words



I don’t cope well. I never really learned good coping mechanisms. When my father started drinking when I was 11 or 12, I got super busy with school, I became a high achiever. 314 more words

Friday Favorites

Today and like every Fridays I share my favorites of the week.

Spending times outside with the sun is a very favorite, since the middle of the week the temperature to grow up at 26°C, t-shirt sleeveless was out from my dressing same if sometimes when it s windy, I have a little cold, … 146 more words

Friday Favorites

specchi, pulsione di morte ed ansia di vita

Adoravo specchiarmi: mi sembrava che finalmente le gambe fossero al posto giusto, della giusta dimensione, della giusta proporzione: che meraviglia, le cosce non hanno un filo di ciccia di troppo, non c’è un frammento di pelle fuori posto, e i polpacci -il mio vecchio incubo!- guarda come sono snelli, lunghi, sottili. 1,113 more words