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Been a while

I haven’t really been writing.  Not here or on my other blog.  Life has been busy, and whilst I wouldn’t say I’ve spent the entire time “ok” I have spent a lot of it “ok” and that is good enough for me.   371 more words

Abuse Survivor

Trying Something New

I’m going to do my best to eat 1,000 calories a day for the next five days.

I have a real problem with self-control around food and I’ve been giving in to temptation way too often lately. 232 more words

An Unintentionally Long Story About How Self-Harm and Anorexia Ended My Swimming Career

When I was a kid I swam competitively. I still consider swimming one of the few things I’ve ever felt like I was actually good at. 367 more words

Fitness is for Health, Right?

To begin, here is a quick recap of my experience with doctor-assisted ED recovery: My doctors didn’t actually help me. It cost too much money. I lied. 331 more words


Eating Disorders and a Preoccupation with Food

There is one misconception about eating disorders that irks me more than any other, and that is the belief that people struggling with anorexia don’t eat. 1,923 more words

Anorexia Recovery

Still Standing: My Experience With Emotional Abuse, Part One

I fell into the trap. Just like many others who have suffered from emotional abuse, I had no idea it was happening. I hadn’t been in a relationship in four years, and with my chronically low self-esteem, I thought that the way he treated me was normal. 2,746 more words



The last 24 hours have been spent walking around in a particularly anxious state.  Yes I have a lot going on, but no it’s not anything that most people can’t juggle, and I AM the Juggling Student, remember?!   588 more words