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It may be you but its probably just me.

My complete disregard for life,my life is disgusting. It even turns my stomach inside out.

The thought of killing myself comes in the sweetest waves as if it was the way someone asked me how i was doing. 212 more words

The Letting Go

“There is, in the end, the letting go.” -Marya Hornbacher

In the depths of my eating disorder or even throughout my recovery, that quote seemed so impossible.

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day 91

Today was relaxing. A friend came over and I avoided the Cheater.

I went food shopping and my friend was with me so I couldn’t obsess too much. 105 more words

Why I Wear Sequined Pants

I used to have a stack of magazines next to my bed and I used to pour over the magazines for hours. For hours, I sat and compared myself to the girls in the magazines and when I would finally take a break and look up at myself in the mirror I was defeated. 720 more words

The Journey...

Think Of This Woman Speaking For You

This was written by one of my nieces. She has battled an eating disorder, thyroid cancer, and is currently battling lupus. I have always admired her attitude no matter the circumstances. 389 more words


Punished because I'm sick

I am so fucking tired of being punished because I have an eating disorder. I am tired of being treated like all I am is a burden to my family that just needs to go. 629 more words


Anorexia Athletica, Recovery & of course, my two cents.

In a culture where “Fitspiration” is an actual thing and people are continually bombarded by images sending messages that lean, chiseled bodies will make them happier, more attractive to the opposite sex and give them the confidence they crave; it’s no wonder the stats surrounding eating disorders are staggering: 805 more words