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Schema.... day 2 

Schema is tough! It’s a 10 week course and goes through everything in your past and how it makes you the person you are now. I can relate very well to some section. 286 more words

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Eating disorder story?

When I was little, I was obsessed with food, to the point where it almost lead to me being overweight. Never have I been clinically overweight, which is surprising considering how big of a role binge-eating used to play in my life. 1,283 more words

Losing my Phone & Finding God

Show of hands: How many of you have ever lost your phone before?

Hah – yeahhhh. For those that are blessed enough to not be sheepishly raising their hand right now, let’s just say — it is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on Regina George. 1,096 more words


This Is What It's Like When No One Understands Your Eating Disorder

Trigger warning: This article contains content involving anorexia and eating disorders.

“And I said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath. 1,467 more words

F. Off 

I’m sick and tired of being told I’m not trying. I’m trying every single second of every single day. I get up every morning I eat all my food. 137 more words

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Crunch, gobble, slurp, munch 

There are bound to be days that are more difficult than others. Just when I think I’m almost at the other side, my fingers have grasped the ledge and I’m painfully pulling myself up when something comes along to knock me off course. 690 more words

Fat lump 

Yep. It’s official. I’m a fat lump. I’m hideous. It’s grotesque. My stomach is massive. Even if I suck it in it still sticks out. My thighs are nearly touching. 394 more words

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