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When Eating Disorders Attack

One of my friends from high school faced a challenging battle with anorexia. At the beginning of high school she was a healthy weight. Over time she began to loose a lot of weight and it wasn’t until prom of grade 12 that I became aware of how much she had really lost. 276 more words



I’m entering a new phase of my life. Well actually that’s not entirely accurate. It’s not new, it’s just been a while. It’s a phase where my day consists of a few really choice activities: 885 more words

this hurricane in my brain

My head has been very busy this last week.

My best friend left, I’ve had a chance to reconnect with a friend I hold very dear, I’ve felt my sister’s absence, my birthday has been looming, I’ve had late nights with great people, I’ve had an apparent friend cancel on me twice, and I’ve seen some wonderful live music from an old friend. 1,541 more words


I have written a post on identity before but I had a few things I wanted to add so this is kind of an edited version. 990 more words

How it all started.

Greetings beautiful people, I wanted to share with you my story, and the main reason I started this blog.

Four years ago, after the birth of my first child I wanted to lose that baby weight I had gained. 808 more words

Mental Health Counselor Uses Personal Experience to Help Rebuild Healthy Relationships with Food

Kelly Ulmer, a 27-year-old registered mental health counseling intern in Gainesville, Fla., spends her days helping others recover from eating disorders. She knows the psycologically draining experience all too well. 1,714 more words

The Struggle

"You are not fat."

I hate saying the words “I’m fat.”

I never say those words out loud, partly out of shame and embarrassment. I fully understand that I’m not actually fat, so saying it sounds absurd to others and I’m worried about people laughing at me. 292 more words