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in the penal colony. chris o’neal 2001 – 2018

hi – small update. After much dilly-dallying and fluctuation, my BMI is back to . It’s interesting how (relatively) easy it is to maintain a low BMI, whereas weight loss requires significant caloric reduction (- 500 or so per day to see a difference), That is to say – based purely on observation – there seems to be a wider margin of ‘error’ for maintenance than for weight loss – an intuition that corresponds to studies describing the concept of homeostasis in weight restoration. 587 more words


Flood the Path With Light

“God of life there are days when the burdens we carry chafe our shoulders and wear us down; when the road seems dreary and endless, the skies gray and threatening; when our lives have no music in them and our hearts are lonely, and our souls have lost their courage. 2,833 more words


Baked a cake today. It didn’t cook. Sums my day up really. Can’t even cook a fucking cake. I then binged on the uncooked cake like a fatty and then proceeded to take 3 laxatives. 62 more words

Mental Health


I’m really not good. I can’t stop crying. I’ve stopped taking my meds. There making me feel sick. I miss my ex. I miss my old life. 79 more words

Mental Health

Distraction ramble

The days recovery really counts is the ones that are the hardest the ones where you spend all day fighting with your mind and today is one of them days actually so was yesterday, I’m sat here after finishing lunch feeling so guilty and disgusted with myself just for adding croutons to my soup sitting with the urges to get rid of it I am determined not to go down that path so at the moment me writing on here is my distraction, the amount of times I have sat here trying to convince myself that I don’t have a problem and they have got it wrong and then days like today makes me realise I do have a problem but got to keep telling myself that I can get better and not give in to the eating disorder I am worth more than this horrible illness


This word has such a bitter sting. Typing it out almost hurts, it sends chills down my spine. This word haunts me. But its not really the word that haunts me, its what the word encompasses. 2,694 more words


Hidden figures

‘We want to believe this is how it was,’ Dr Schofield said patiently, ‘because it’s easier to feel like a victim. Victims don’t have to do anything, they just suffer. 1,116 more words

Character Study