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I Call Bullshit: Why Insecurity is Ineffective

  I don’t think it’s a surprise that most people cling to insecurity. We live in a world where 20 million women, and 10 million men suffer from a clinically diagnosed Eating Disorder in their lifetime (Wade, Keski-Rahkonen, & Hudson, 2011), and as Dr. 1,844 more words

Reclaiming Childhood

Sitting here in my childhood bedroom, it’s pretty difficult not to reminisce.

I mean, it’s strewn with photos from my brace-faced awkward middle school phase where clearly I thought baby pink, glittery eyeshadow was a good idea. 821 more words


Made it through the storm

Lately it feels like there has been a huge emotional storm that I have been going through.  A lot of change has occurred, and things have been tough.  177 more words

Eating Disorders

Can't Tell

Everything seems very confusing right now. I feel like my behaviors are under control, yet at the same time, are causing me some concern. I switch back and forth between wondering if it’s a problem, to being convinced that I’m perfectly fine. 304 more words

Numbers aren't fair

I cycled the machine

counting, counting along,

my hands and neck damp

with numbers.

Usually, I turn off the video screen

but this time I forgot. 70 more words


Bright Monday!

A message for the world, your going to have a great day!

The third Monday in January is often called ‘Blue Monday’ and is billed as the most depressing day of the year by the media. 200 more words

Book Review: Believarexic by J.J. Johnson

When she was 15, Jennifer Johnson had an eating disorder and had to convince her parents she needed help for her bulimarexia, a combination of bulimia and anorexia. 530 more words

Realistic Fiction