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Spirit in The Sky

Starving artists, one and all
Hear the caw,
The Raven’s call.

Charcoal paintings,
They beckon,
Mother Nature laughs.

The faeries dance
On fallen pine, 35 more words

Enjoying food again...

Eating ‘kale crisps’.

Having spinach with every meal even though I can’t stand the stuff.

The thought of poached eggs making me want to throw up, but eating them regardless because they are ‘healthy.’ … 207 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Speaking To You

Be the audience

I am well rehearsed

line by line

I’ll tear myself apart

Applaud me as I bow

Validation is what I crave

Clap by clap

My confidence grows


Seasonal clothing...my nemesis

I think I have a hundred posts on this topic. Well not really because I think I only have about that many posts on this blog anyway. 385 more words

Eating Disorder

Food Diary - 17/04/19

Breakfast today was what I like to call a sweet breakfast Buddha bowl. It was basically just a random mix of sweet breakfast foods. The base was a sweet potato that I had cooked in the microwave and removed from the skin the night before. 359 more words

Sticks and stones... skinny-shaming vs fat-shaming

Every little helps? Yeah, righ

So the other day I was in Tesco buying a can of Monster energy drink (my latest love) and some sushi as a little snack en route to a meeting and went to the self-serve checkout for speed. 401 more words

How to cope with peoples judgements🙉💗

How to cope with peoples judgments🙉;

I find that having a chronic ilness and mental health is not only tough due to our own problems we face but also those caused by others, whether it’s out of kindness or judgment. 841 more words