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Anas turning into bulimia well kind of 

I’m really struggling. Like really really struggling. Ana hasn’t been this bad for ages. She makes me cry daily. She makes me hate myself. She’s now developed another side of her. 334 more words

Mental Health


I see a mass of people that consider themselves tortured souls. Covered in scars and overflowing with immense pain. Trudging through the mud and thorns as the voices scream in their ear at all times. 135 more words


Unapologetically Me!

In late 2017 I made a major decision. Some say it was impulsive, harsh or over-the-top. I say, it was the single best decision I have ever made. 1,090 more words


Let's Talk About Recovery

It’s amazing isn’t it? People who know me nowadays and get to know my story hardly ever believe I’ve actually been through something like this. Because I’ve been through hell and made it on the other side, just like so many before me. 591 more words


Food Diary - 16/08/18

I woke up today super early as I had work at 7:30! I really didn’t want to eat breakfast this early as it meant I’d be hungry throughout the day without snacking and again I’m feeling a bit restrictive. 295 more words

Mothers and Daughters

I am learning to love my body in a way
That will teach my daughter to love her own
I watched my mom squeezing parts of her body… 434 more words


Hello hello,

Finally we meet.


Wanna be your new victim.

If being your victim,

Means weight loss,

Ill gladly open my arms.

Come to me, 95 more words