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Thoughts about building towers and the Beauty and the Beast

I feel for those going through depression issues no matter what they are labelled. Been there. I built a tower of my own and with all the expectations of those around me built it too high. 234 more words

Eating Disorders Are Not Uncategorized

What is it that I CAN'T let control me?

Calories. Carbs. Fat. Inches. Pounds. Thigh Gap. Food.
From the “Two Week Special K Diet” to Adderall to MyFitnessPal

I decided to start this blog at about 10:45pm last night while I was on break at work.   882 more words


I have stretch marks, my thighs splay out and rub together, my cheeks puff out, my chin has multiplied, my arms have ballooned, my belly rounds and curves. 39 more words

As your will is bent and broken...

“As your will is bent and broken, and every vision has been cast into the wind, as your courage crashes down before your eyes, don’t lay down and die…cause I see in you, more than you’ll ever know, and I ask you “why you question the strength inside?”, and you need to know, how it feels to be alive” One Day Remains by Alterbridge… 171 more words


Post on Playlists!

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! Today I thought I would kick off the weekend by writing a post about playlists. When it comes to fighting through anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, music has become my saving grace. 602 more words


Woke up crying. Twice.

I woke up from a dream at 5am, sobbing.

After calming down, I noticed I still felt sick. I didn’t know if it was a continuation from yesterday or from the laxatives I took before bed, but it made falling back asleep difficult. 35 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

Therapy That Suits Your Needs

I’ve had many forms of counseling and therapy in my life. Some have helped to a certain degree and others fell short.

First, I’ve always hated the whole evaluation process, and the writing notes on you as a client processes. 296 more words