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In which I fail

I’m unhappy, but typing doesn’t seem appealing… I don’t like the promotion. Sorry I didn’t post anything this morning. I slept from 4:30 pm to 6:10 am this morning. 37 more words



Condition: I am loved if my body looks consumable.
Condition: you change my body by controlling the world I have access to;
a PhD ceremony in your own invented science. 66 more words

Train thoughts

Thoughts and memories are weird in that only you understand the feelings. I can tell the stories and try and explain my emotions, but only I will every truly understand the effect that past experiences have had on me. 938 more words

Mental Health

Letter to a Photoshopped Girl

I understand the temptation to Photoshop your body into something it’s not. God knows I’m not a shining example of body confidence. Here’s the thing, though: I went hunting through your album looking for pictures that hadn’t been altered. 604 more words


Unconditional Love and Anorexia Are Mutually Exclusive

I was not brought up in a loving household. It was occasionally a fun household, filled with Hendrix, single malt, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but life was largely built out of criticism. 349 more words


How to enjoy Christmas with anorexia 

Christmas can be an extremely difficult time to be recovering from an eating disorder. Loads of foods you may not be comfortable eating as well as eating at parties, other people’s houses and at strange times. 894 more words