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Reason for creating this blog...

Not sure where to start this….

First off, I should say I’m in recovery from bulimia…

I’m not gonna lie right now this is legit hell, it sucks to always have food on your mind, whether it be you’re wondering what you’re gonna eat next or, if you feel as though you over indulged because you couldn’t control yourself…Or your inner thoughts screaming at you saying; “You’re FAT, you’re DISGUSTING, or put the fork down, you’re eating like a PIG, no wonder YOU CAN’T FIT YOUR CLOTHES!!” 228 more words

Eating Disorder

Silence is Shady

My family doesn’t talk about things. We especially don’t talk about uncomfortable things. Not to say we can’t, just that there needs to be a VERY good reason to tread so close to reality.  474 more words

Mental Illness


Waltz, two three


Between extreme polarities

Screaming right and wrong

A little of this or that

A soundless, graceful shift from here to there… 299 more words

True Stories

Giving up- Restriction

So I have started a recovery from bulimia and it has been going well, been about 12/31 since I decided to actually try, but I have noticed now that my ED is going in the completely opposite way.  135 more words

Numbers matter.

As a person recovering from anorexia, it comes as no surprise that numbers matter to me.  Numbers have been the near death of me (literally and figuratively) throughout my fight with my eating disorder.  489 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery


Have you ever had SO MUCH emotion that you eventually just become numb? I feel pretty numb. I feel like anything could happen right now and I would just shrug my shoulders, say “meh,” and go back to sleep or whatever I was doing before… but it would probably be sleeping. 220 more words

Day 19/20: The lie that is Love

I don’t know whether it’s some sort of archaic thing that is built up through unrealistic ideals in society or if it’s an instinct- like a predatory thing from back when we were primates but why do we all think that everything will be fixed by finding a boyfriend? 69 more words