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Making Positive Change

My ex wouldn’t let me cut my hair. My hair was pretty long. The last few days, I’ve been thinking about cutting it. Partly as a “screw you” to my ex and partly because I wanted a change and I was feeling like if I didn’t cut my hair, I might do something stupid like drop out of school or fly to another state to live (with no job and no plan) so I cut my hair. 16 more words


Eating disorders: a guide for the uninitiated

  • You are now 2 people,  the one you portray to the outside world and the ticker tape inside your head that says your too fat, you’ve eaten too much,  you don’t deserve this,  no-one likes you anyway…
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The plight of the atypical anorexic

Warning! Ranty and irrational post ahead.

I was feeling down this morning and couldn’t quite identify what was upsetting me. I’d felt so good yesterday, why was I now feeling bad? 676 more words

Blog Posts

6 Things to Give up if you Want to Recover

Letting go is difficult. Identify the things that are toxic in your life towards your recovery. Come to terms of acceptance that while these things encouraged anorexia, they do not encourage a healthy life. 897 more words


My Past, Present, Future...A Journey

A moment caught in a place that resonates beauty and tranquility. Vernon, BC 2014 6 more words


New Statesman: Anorexia, breast-binding and the legitimisation of body hatred

In 1987 I underwent the first of three hospitalisations for anorexia. I was force-fed via a nasogastric tube. This led me to gain a significant amount of weight, which I hated. 284 more words


Poorlies day! (TMI ALERT) 

Every time I get my period I have a day where I’m just too tired and achy to do anything! I have no choice but to sleep the day away! 142 more words