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At first she was comforting. She stayed up every night with me. Then she started being honest and giving me advice. Telling me I wasn’t thin enough. 222 more words

My Demons 

They knock the air out of me and then hold me by the hair to make me breathe again.

They put me in a dark room and put a light far from my reach. 76 more words


Crossfit is a form of exercise that can effectively get you in shape… Fast! It’s a workout that combines high intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, Girevoy sport, calisthenics strongman, and many more exercises. 275 more words


why i have no emotions

When diagnosing why I tend to be the carefree one in all my relationships, I realized that my independence might have to do with a lack of depth of emotion. 104 more words

Glamorization of mental illnesses

Yeah, I’m fully aware that about a thousand people have already made their rants about this topic, but I really don’t care. It’s tragic that we spent years trying to raise awareness for these disorders and now we have the attention we needed and instead of realizing how serious this issue is, (especially young) people suddenly think it’s something you should be happy to suffer from. 476 more words


Up until now: A (somewhat) brief story.

Trigger warning: mental illness, rape, sexual abuse, self harm, eating disorders, hospitals, flashbacks and suicide. 

(This is a speech i made at a mental health event a few months back. 2,469 more words

Mental Illness

Things nobody tells you about mental disorders

Today’s pop culture has created a certain image of the life with mental disorders, but there are many parts all those books, movies and songs never mention, things even people with the illnesses often don’t even realize. 826 more words