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Conflicted and Hungry

I’m in treatment, but I’m struggling. I haven’t been eating outside of treatment meals, which is dinner and HS snack Monday-Thursday. Before I started treatment, I was binging and purging all day long and I went back to the EIOP to help get that under control. 300 more words


Why I Quit Being Vegetarian

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I believe wholeheartedly in everything vegetarianism stands for an am in no way trying to discourage others from pursing it. 592 more words

Eating Disorder

Oat Pancakes with Caramelised Pears

On a lazy Saturday morning when the house is filled with people are laughter what is better than a hot breakfast enjoyed by all.

These pancakes are healthy but still delicious, loved by even the sweetest tooth! 121 more words


Tired of this lifeĀ 

It’s not a secret that I am finding just day to day life so exhausting. My body is in a constant state of struggle with the pressure my diabulimia puts on it. 286 more words

In which I fail

I’m unhappy, but typing doesn’t seem appealing… I don’t like the promotion. Sorry I didn’t post anything this morning. I slept fromĀ 4:30 pm to 6:10 am this morning. 37 more words



Condition: I am loved if my body looks consumable.
Condition: you change my body by controlling the world I have access to;
a PhD ceremony in your own invented science. 66 more words

Train thoughts

Thoughts and memories are weird in that only you understand the feelings. I can tell the stories and try and explain my emotions, but only I will every truly understand the effect that past experiences have had on me. 938 more words

Mental Health