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CAMHS (meaning Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are NHS mental health services for children and young people, offering assessment and treatment to those that need it.  348 more words

World Mental Health Day: Dignity

This years theme for World Mental Health Day is dignity in mental health care. This is something I’m quite passionate about and have had such mixed experiences. 975 more words

10th October 2015

It has been just over one year since I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. In fact, this time last year I was still in hospital being ‘refed’ so that I could return home with my heart beating a little faster and stronger, my blood pressure at a stable rate, my stomach a little bigger and my mind restored enough to be able to begin to think clearly again. 461 more words


I actually hate myself. I’m not good at anything anymore I can’t even lose weight properly. I’ve never hated myself as much as I do right now. 19 more words


I'm still standing (not literally though :D) / Még mindig állom a sarat

I questioned myself after the last post, *** a huge uncertain cloud appeared above my head ***… I wasn’t sure whether others got my point or not. 1,013 more words

I tried real hard today

I did, I tried.  I ate more than usual, by like a ton.  I ate normal stuff.  But it never fails, the nausea sparked and the stomach cramps soon followed.   50 more words

Just Life

5 Reasons To Take A Solo Recovery Trip (Or, Ya Know, Just A Solo Trip)

… ‘Cause not everything *really* has to be about your eating disorder.

Likely, we are all recovering from something.

A bad break up, alcohol addiction, divorce, death, loss of job, 20s changes, mid-life crisis, parents aging, you name it. 2,166 more words