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Me and Astrology

I’m a big believer in horoscopes, I know that everyone who bought the same magazine as me for that week, got that exact same horoscope for Capricorn as I did, but I believe there is some truth in it, because my week has reflected the horoscope once or twice, I don’t purposely go out of my way to follow the horoscope, things just work out that way. 396 more words

Light Hearted Reads

Facebook flop

What have I been saying all along? Facebook shares flopped yesterday, after being hiked up, they fell by 11%! The Zuck dropped by double figures in one go, surely THAT has to be an achievement all in itself? 303 more words

Lets Have A Mass Debate!

I made a little something to share with you!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well.. I made a YouTube video, so that you can all see what I look like. I hope to reallly get in to doing videos, even if it took me 24 takes just to make one video! Enjoy

Another Card To My Deck.

Sick of the Spam? Let's rise above it!

Just deleted some more spam from my comments and then logged in to Twitter to find some spammers tweet mentioned me! Seriously, how many times do I need to be offered viagra? 352 more words

Stuff That Makes Us Run Around Like Headless Chickens.

I have jumped off Facebook Island!

Today, I had had enough of Facebook.
I’ve deactivated* my account before, but never stuck to it, peer pressure got the better of me! But this time I think the abstinence is for keeps. 611 more words

Stuff That Makes Us Run Around Like Headless Chickens.