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Baldwin is My Bible

I Am Not Your Negro.

The Fire Next Time.

Another Country.

Books, read. Film, seen.

Waiting to be journeyed through again and again and again. 129 more words

Contemplation Cafe

Ready, Shreddy, GO!

So, the logistics of making a relatively simple move.

Why does no one ever blog about the sheer slog and the practical detail of moving to another country? 157 more words

Renovation And Restoration Diary- France

Sunday Morning To Music

I started off today with memories of my parents swimming pool in Singapore, fifteen years ago.
Every weekend morning we would meet there, friends and family, the self termed ‘Rejects Club’. 445 more words


This blog was suggested by a friend. I don’t give out names, but you know who you are. Hopefully this will show the rest of you that you can suggest and i will try and do. 1,007 more words

The Essentials: Tift Merritt - Another Country

There’s but three criteria that I use when selecting my “essential” recommendations. They have to be at least five years old; they have to be excellent from start to finish; and they have to be albums that I think everyone should hear, at least once. 461 more words



“Yesterday is another country, all borders are closed.”

It was a wonderful piece of dialogue from “MidSomer Murders.” In the episode, Chief Inspector Barnaby is questioning a murder suspect about his whereabouts the previous day. 614 more words


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Hey, I am A Catfish.

The start of 2017 marks the beginning of my new life as well. I will soon be embarking on a 2 year journey of living in a foreign country that I have barely even visited, let alone lived alone in. 401 more words

A Catfish