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Another Day.

He wakes up. His back is killing him. His coffee is killing him. His breakfast biscuit is full of cancer. His meat is full of antibiotics. 246 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. Everything is automated. The bed wakes him. Then he is bathed by a robot and massaged with a soft robot hand. The water is pumped from a pumping station by a computer and a robot. 572 more words

Another Day

Current Situation

Lack of sleep

Nothing to eat

Heart feels like it’s skipping beats

Sanity’s dropping

Stomach’s in knots

From these ruthless obsessive thoughts


Light peeks from behind
night’s shroud, blinking sleepily.
New day. More chances.

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Another Day.

He wakes up. Verbs, nouns and adjectives are everywhere. He writes. He makes a coffee. It is hot outside and he is sweating. He watches as boats rust to nothing as peace rusts to nothing as civilisation rusts to nothing. 134 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. How many living beings will he interact with today. He is lying next to her. He is sat on by the cat. He watches Matt Lauer. 813 more words


Train Ride

I ride the train to school two days a week. It’s a combination of relaxing and ANXIETY provoking. The anxiety does not come from being afraid of an accident occurring or some other kind of morbid thought, or even the experience of being crammed together with strangers…it comes from knowing that I am left with NOTHING to distract me from my thoughts. 65 more words