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Hey Y'all

I am missing everybody so much!!!!

I have been away doing my second (ok! ok! maybe my third) favorite thing.  Working.  I am running two offices and still studying to take my state exam! 115 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. The pilot is depressed. The pilot was depressed. Now there is a reason and everyone is happy that there is a reason and he hid his sick note and depression is a crime and he murdered all those people and shaming begins in earnest and then angry responses are loaded and tweets are fired and the battle is commenced as nuance cowers under a bush or in a cave or up a mountain anywhere it will not be hit by the angry shrapnel of social media that zings through the air because clear cut answers are required and answers are required even when there are no answers. 391 more words


To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. – Walker Percy


Working and Stressing at Home

Question:  How do you ever pass up anything that features performers like Joan Baez, Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, the Avett Brothers, Lake Street Dive… 300 more words


Why bother having laws

We are going on two months since I’ve seen my children and since the guardian ad litem recommended the unsupervised visits which I need to have under my belt before we go back to court next Tuesday and sure as shit the ex-husband is completely ignoring her and not following any of the orders so why do we threatened punishment when no one actually enforces the law when this has to be one of the most serious issues because the victims are children and the damage may not be reversible… 1,173 more words



Today I am different.

Today I am not who I was yesterday.

Today I am silent.

Today I am honest.

Today I am frugal.

Today… 91 more words


Another Day.

He wakes at 0400. He wakes at 0415. He wakes at 0430. He wakes at 0500. He gets up. He reads excerpts of books about social work and revolution. 304 more words