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So it’s another day – whoopdeefrickendoo

Another uncharted territory I have to see myself through


no map

 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King

Beware The Girls

Beware the girls with the smile on their face

the ones who walk with that confident pace

You know, the girls with the sparkling eyes… 58 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. It is cold. Why is it cold? It was hot just the other day. It is summer. It should not be cold. It should be uncomfortably hot. 391 more words


Another Day.

He wakes up. It is muggy. The air is thick like tar. It is unpleasant. Boats of migrants roam the oceans without food or water. No one wants to help them. 333 more words


whatever, i guess

“thanks babe. i should really start to care less”

“no it’s not that. it’s the best thing about you. don’t change the way you are just because others cannot do as you do.”

218 more words

The Night

The night is long and lonely

my dreams do little to comfort me

my mind my constant enemy

battling truth and fantasy

Dawn breaks and so do I… 20 more words


hard struggle, first four months of 2015

It’s been a awhile since I blog here, just get a grip on things running rapid in my life. More so this last two months, son decide to up and run off to be a truck driver, no warning, just a thought then action three days later. 82 more words