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Another Day

Tell me the truth,
Not a lie,
Because it’s time
We do things my way.

When the time comes
To say goodbye,
You can do what you want, 9 more words


Thank you for yet another day

O God I sat and as I was looking all around this morning I began to wander about just how much you love us and it was right then and there it was nothing we did O how I began to have such a peace that came about I realized that peace only comes from you, so I just want to say thank you for yet another day that you have kept us, you not only kept us, but you saw us through seen and unseen dangers throughout this day. 208 more words


Another day
toward winter’s way,
another day
to further zip
your collar. . .

a wonder time
to quietly reflect

or to go out and play, 18 more words


Another Day

Tomorrow is another day.

Turn the pages and just play.

Watch the clear sky as you lay.

You can do whatever you may.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Just Poems


thankyou for the constant reminder that my heart still works.

thankyou for helping me discover different faces I didnt know I can make.

thankyou for not fitting inside the stereotyped circle of daddies. 107 more words

Another Day