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Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory. Not every time when person wan fight you sef go fold rouser before him remove cloth.. 71 more words


Missing Bacon...

The husband and I decided we needed a cooked breakfast so we went to a nearby supermarket.

We took our place in the queue. We get to our turn. 82 more words

Spider Hop!...

Number 2 didn’t arrive home at the expected time. He doesn’t really have to as he’s an adult now but I still like to know where he is and what time he’ll be home. 100 more words

Exciting Stuff!...

Today I was excited about the cleaning the kitchen floor…I have a new mop.

Sometimes, when you work from home and don’t get out much, this is as exciting as it gets….

Love Hurts...

Number 2 and Number 2 + 1 have had a row.

I tried to not get involved but they both kept hovering around me for something – for what exactly I’m not sure of as I know they both wanted me to stay out of it but they wouldn’t go away! 144 more words

Holiday Worries 3...

My Snapchat spies tell me that Number 2 has sunburn!

I enquire to this fact when he texts, remembering the last instruction I issued was ‘don’t get sunburnt!’ 63 more words

Stupid Tests!

I do another pregnancy test, this time the whole thing just turns pink, no lines anywhere just completely pink.

I throw it in the bin. 43 more words