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Don’t do anything you will regret tonight

Because the sun will rise tomorrow

And you will face that day

Head on

With strong and positive intentions… 26 more words

Daily Living


Number 4 initiates her usual quandary over what to have for breakfast, there is an array of cereal or there is toast.

It’s not an unusual choice, it’s the same pretty much every day. 103 more words


My life hasn’t been perfect, I grew up being raised by a single parent and the knowledge that I had a father that didn’t want me. 366 more words

Another Day

Chocolate V Jeans...

I tell The Husband that I need new jeans.

‘These don’t fit’ I say, showing him my loose waistband.

He looks surprised, like I’ve purposely over-stretched them. 95 more words

No Thank You...

I gave Number 5 her pocket money for a week well done.

She frowned.

‘What’s up?’ I said.

She frowned again and handed the money back. 24 more words

Some Advice

I can start this off as if it was a fairy tale with Once upon a time, but I’m not going to. I did find that one guy that changed my world in an instant, and when he left it fell apart. 728 more words

Another Day

Open Letter to the Supermarket...

Dear Mr/Mrs Supermarket,

I write concerning the recent addition of the family sized tubs of chocolate to your stores.

I assume you have marked them down in price as a pre-Christmas incentive so we buy now and put them away to eat or give as gifts over the festive season? 110 more words