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The Sound Of...Tom Odell

The anticipation had been building for what seemed like years. 5th of July 2015. T day. It had been months since I had first discovered he was even coming to play near where I live, and there was still a sense of awe and disbelief that it was ever going to happen. 521 more words

The Sound Of...

Tom Odell 'Elizabeth'

Old song of Tom Odell from his EP ‘Another love’. I still like this song, so why not sharing this with you?


Have you ever kept a secret from your mom?

I have.. and it kills me everyday!!

I want to tell her. but i can’t. I know if she would find out, she would hate me forever and that would kill me.


Swiss team to visit Pakistan

Had a mini-heartattack when I read this headline: thought THE SWISS TEAM is visiting.

Extremely disappointing.

Another Love


Another love.
Czy to takie złe, nie wiedzieć, którędy chce się iść? Czasem najlepsze nawigacje potrafią zawieść. Podobno można błądzić latami i wciąż tkwić gdzieś na skrzyżowaniu. 114 more words

Welcome to Another Love

Tom Odell – Another Love

And I’d sing a song, that’d just be ours

But I sang ’em all to another heart

And I wanna cry I wanna learn to love… 18 more words