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"Another One Bites The Dust"

Another one bites the dust
One which I cannot take back
It creeps its way into me like the night
It keeps me from missing daylight. 77 more words

People Worldwide are Waking Up to the Reality of the Wind Scam!

Top US Energy Economist Takes the Scalpel to the Great Wind Power Fraud

April 21, 2015 by stopthesethings


One of the great mysteries behind the lunacy that is the great wind power fraud is how and why so many governments launched into mandating massive and endless subsidies (filched from unwitting power consumers and/or taxpayers) for an utterly meaningless power generation source – WITHOUT ever having carried out a cost/benefit analysis? 1,878 more words

Not Financially Feasible

Wonderful News! The Blanding's Turtle Will Be Protected After All!

Turtle beats turbine

Mon, Apr 20th, ’15

An endangered species has won the power struggle over Ostrander Point as Ontario’s top court has ruled in favour of the Blanding’s turtle over turbines. 324 more words

Fighting Wind Turbines

Another Job Bites The Dust

I was laid off today. I won’t lie that it hurts. Being laid off, regardless of the reasons, hurts. It is an emotional punch to the gut that takes time to heal. 128 more words


Wind weasels Lose $700 Million in "Investors" money! Blown Into the Wind!

Pacific Hydro’s Ponzi Scheme Implodes: Wind Power Outfit Loses $700 Million of Mum & Dad Retirement Savings

March 15, 2015 by stopthesethings


Pacific Hydro is a name synonymous with wind industry skulduggery in Australia: the merciless treatment of its victims at Cape Bridgewater has been added to the annals of Australian corporate infamy, right up there with Aussie asbestos pedlar, James Hardie (see… 3,030 more words

Not Financially Feasible

Another One Finds The Gut (Elastic Heart Video)

Another one bites the dust, never to be confused with lust, her love is so strong, her intuition is never wrong, her decision is never strong, defeated by the conflicting elements of what’s right or wrong, she puts it in a song, conflicted by what she thinks and what she feels, steadily driving a car without wheels, her heart brutally abandoned by a mind that starts to heal, her eyes peal, alone, her mind starts to deal, it’s an experience bound to start, no compromise, no bill. 483 more words

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