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Stern Looks

Hey folks, much apologies for my extended absence. I promise I’m still alive ;) Everyone’s been asking me about my “honeymoon”, but in reality it’s been one long hard slog. 380 more words


No Sign of Threat Whatsoever


I rarely felt as safe in a foreign capital as I did in Bucharest. And I am not a naive tourist. There simply is no sign of threat whatsoever.

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Another Satisfied Visitor

An Unexpected Romance with Romania

From here:

Asking for directions in Romanian seems to be a long drawn out process.  You first have to say ‘don’t be upset’, then the person you are asking will normally reply ‘I won’t be upset’ or ‘go on and ask me’, then there’s a lot of discussion and hand-waving.



Republican Fish

As I mentioned a few days ago, I upgraded the Unsleeping Eye and it continues to uncover strange treasures.

Today it brought me the story of an American woman who loves to fish and hunt… 300 more words

Another Satisfied Visitor

Wandering Earl settles in Romania

Well this week I spent some serious money to upgrade The Eye and I came across this post about how a guy who has been traveling non-stop for 12 years obtained permission to live in Romania. 236 more words

Another Satisfied Visitor

The Adventures of Jamon the Bull

Honestly I don’t know how many more ways I can continue to say that I keep meeting foreigners who are here for tourism, business or both and just how much they really love this country. 403 more words

Another Satisfied Visitor