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Making Peace with the Past

I woke up today with a visual inside my head, a flashback of happy memory that suddenly swept away with another unfavorable visual. They were all about a person I held dearly in the past, in the small space of my own. 557 more words



Remember there is always another side of a story, which may change our understanding of things completely no matter who told it to us.

Just because someone tells you something about another person, doesn’t make it true! 47 more words

Words Within


She didn’t believe in fairytales anymore. She couldn’t remember what true happiness was. What could she do when her happiness was just that one person who left her all alone. 229 more words

Another Side.


All she could see at that moment was how beautiful the stars looked in the sky while the constellations in her heart broke into darkness, spreading all over the bright side of her heart and made it darker every second. 242 more words

Another Side.


Her heart has turned black all over and it hurts. Pain is the only feeling that is the strongest in that one tiny organ which is so dominant, it takes over everything. 620 more words

Another Side.

Best Of The Represses: March 2016

I’ve been dreading this a little bit. I’ll be honest, I’ve barely bought any represses at all this month, preferring instead to throw money at a selection of Discogs sellers instead. 700 more words


Another Side : chapter 2

“You look distracted today.”
A concerned voice and a small tap on my shoulder woke me up abruptly from my daydream.


“What’s wrong? Do you get sick?” 503 more words