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Her heart has turned black all over and it hurts. Pain is the only feeling that is the strongest in that one tiny organ which is so dominant, it takes over everything. 620 more words

Another Side.

Best Of The Represses: March 2016

I’ve been dreading this a little bit. I’ll be honest, I’ve barely bought any represses at all this month, preferring instead to throw money at a selection of Discogs sellers instead. 700 more words



The morning was too cold to get out of bed. She felt weak physically as well as mentally from last night’s tears of regret. She stared at the ceiling above her and projected photograph’s of memories she could never bring back. 504 more words

Another Side.

Another Side : chapter 2

“You look distracted today.”
A concerned voice and a small tap on my shoulder woke me up abruptly from my daydream.


“What’s wrong? Do you get sick?” 503 more words

Another Side : chapter 1

Holding a glass of orange juice on my right hand, I took a look at the cityscape below me. A mix of many colors, shining brightly. 894 more words

Changing so Soon

I cant believe its already happening ;-;. Why couldnt they make middle school just at least one more year ;-;, although in regular middle schools 6th grade is in it, so I dont know. 195 more words

Life ( - 3-)