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“Her soul was as fragile as glass, break it once and you would never see it fix again.”

Another Side.

Changing so Soon

I cant believe its already happening ;-;. Why couldnt they make middle school just at least one more year ;-;, although in regular middle schools 6th grade is in it, so I dont know. 195 more words

Life ( - 3-)

The VMAs Excels Miley Cyrus Yet Again

For the second year in a row following the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus rises to No. 2 on the Social 50 chart — this time by trading twerking for social advocacy. 331 more words


Rant numéro un

‘I have the right to dress the way I want to’-every feminist’s cry today? Pretty much. What my limited understanding of the world and its matters and its languages tells me is that the ‘way I want to’ is an expression subjected to multiple interpretations. 904 more words


TRUST before you love ..

KNOW before you judge ..

COMMIT before you promise ..

FORGIVE before you forget ..

APPRECIATE before you regret ..


Another Side ..


         Never give up because of what someone said , use that as a motivation to push harder !

Another Side ..