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I like to imagine it

Say, fancy it many times

There must be some days

When you are at work

Busy with your daily chores… 92 more words

Another World Nintendo Switch Announcement Teaser Trailer

Acclaimed title Another World is destined to come to the Nintendo Switch. The action platformer will be released this spring on Nintendo’s latest console and should prove to be a hit with fans once it’s on the Nintendo Switch eShop. 16 more words


OPIA: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Investigating the Northern Borders

“It is an honor to have the Great General herself to investigate about our matter,” Harold, an elderly whom Ophelia as acquainted to a long time ago, greeted as he bowed to pay his respect to her, albeit being an elderly. 911 more words

Opia, The Story Of Darkness

Prologue | Chapter 16.1 – Superstitions

Mandrake’s scribblings: Hey… Sorry for this late LATE chapter. To sum it up, this mandrake got hit by influenza. It felt like a rock for the past two weeks and like a cheese grater has been passed through its nose and throat. 1,174 more words


OPIA: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Building Relationships

“Ma’am!” A voice called out coming from her side. 1,854 more words

Opia, The Story Of Darkness

My last one

Don’t look at me like that , please

Your sight scares me

Makes me week, but I don’t wanna stop

I didn’t betrayed you. It’s just. 142 more words