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RR Chapter 16: Giving up

Sorry for the long wait, both some problems and laziness on my part was the cause of it but here is chapter 16.  Oh and I’m currently watching totally spies which I saw some episodes of on tv in my childhood. 1,966 more words


Runaway Bride: A Ryan & Vicky (Vyan) Romance


Vicky Hudson was about to walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life, Ryan Harrison. But when the bride is suddenly a no-show at her own wedding, Ryan goes on a hunt to find his would-be bride. 1,266 more words


The Love of His Life: A Jack McKinnon Story


After hitting the singles bars to drown out his blues after his wife, Marley Hudson McKinnon tosses him out after she catches him in a compromising situation with Paulina Cory, Jake McKinnon can’t get Marley out of his mind. 902 more words


Prologue | Chapter 13 – Her name is Jiang Shuu Ren

Mandrake’s scribblings: Hey~ Intermission chaoters are short, ain’t it? Well here is chapter 13. This mandrake had a lot of trouble writing this because it features a daily life of a person albeit a little extraordinary added to the mix. 5,036 more words


Anime Spotlight: In Another World with my Smartphone

I stumbled across this anime completely by accident. I was searching through Hulu’s new format on my PS4 (Don’t totally like it just yet), and since Hulu remembers that I enjoy anime, suggested a few.   420 more words


Prologue | Chapter 12.5 – To stand among superpowers

Mandrake’s Scribblings: Hey! New intermediate chapter! Enjoy! What? how is this mandrake’s chapter progress. Up till now, only 1 chapter ahead. It hit a wall and accidentally started another series. 1,082 more words