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Setting Things Straight

“Of course he’s a friend!” Granny Goose said, “Do you think he’d be in my house if he wasn’t? Now put away that gun, Benny. You’re old enough to know there’s no shooting in the house!” 618 more words

Childrens Literature

Finding Each Other

Uno Ham, Elaine, and Ben trudged through the forest calling, “Grace, Grace!”

“I don’t think this is working,” Ben said hoarsely, “We can’t find her by calling!” 303 more words

Childrens Literature

Chapter 6

Our carriage trundled down the road once again, the uneven placement of the rocks causing it to sound as if it was preparing to fall apart. 898 more words

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Mother Goose

Grace urged Glow forward. She had to find Fang! So occupied with her own thoughts, Grace didn’t see the little girl in front of her. Glow did though. 431 more words

Childrens Literature

Wargs in the Woods

Elaine was finding it hard to breathe with the weight of the warg stepping on her chest.

There was a terrific BANG, and the warg fell heavily upon her. 131 more words

Childrens Literature

Your Next Favorite Author Feature

Your Next Favorite Author may be–

Sanna Hines

Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?

Myth meets modern world. Action, adventure and characters to cheer. amazon.com/Shining-Ones-Legacy-Sanna-Hines-ebook/dp/B018EJ8EJ2 #YNFA… 231 more words

Shining Ones

The Philosophy of Human Life and its Proposition: Review of [160527] Seiken Tsukai no Proposition

Foreword: Hmmmmmm… Well, I finished this game itself. I’ll say right now that this game wasn’t exactly omgwtfbbq terrible, but it was pretty dumb. It was also shitty when it came to story elements, too, but I’m not sure if I can immediately tag this game as “bad” because it does have some good parts as well. 2,762 more words

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