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The Third Eye to View the world

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods on increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust. It is open discussion around the issue & area of interest. 32 more words


It's you, only you! 

Vì những câu nói này của cậu nên chị nhất định sẽ mua!!!!

Cậu viết sách cho tụi chị mua đi mà làm ơn ;__; !!!


The Hero and the Spider Girl | A Dark Souls Fanfic

Management: A little 6,000+ word fanfic something that I was inspired to write playing Dark Souls and watching Re: Zero on the same day. I remembered getting angry at something the game made me do. 6,290 more words

30. Across

Will you be my door?

Enclose me to a place, far and beyond

where the noise of this world would not reach

Will you be my door? 67 more words


The Dark World

Take a look at one of the Oscar winning documentaries based on the lives of those ‘Born into Brothels’, very well captured by Zana Briski in Sonagachi. 8 more words

Interesting Facts

Eye Spy Changing Animals and Color in Pizzafari

Animal Kingdom is filled with creative and artistic designs throughout each of the areas.  Travel to the Discovery Island section and you will find Pizzafari.  This is a dining experience to please the palate, but so much more. 149 more words

Reviews & Recipes

I dreamt a world with peace

Another world; I dreamt.
Bright and happy.
I felt my heart sing.
Can this be real?

A world with peace.
Harps sing with joy.
This is not my world. 101 more words