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Blue World

..and that day she thought that beyond the golden shore was an entirely different world; one that held too many breathtaking secrets from those too scared to tread into the mysteriously seductive waters, and just maybe she never belonged to this side of the shore anyway. 7 more words


Prologue | Chapter 14.9 – The Present and Future under an Aurora Sky

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<Chapter 14.5 | … 2,840 more words


Just Finished: Another World

My back is broken, I can’t feel my legs and I will probably never find a way back home, but at least my only friend in this another world is here, and we’re riding towards the sunset on the back of a huge flying lizard. 509 more words


RR Chapter 17: Parade

Another chapter out, sorryfor being lazy nut the story feels quite slow atm which makes it hard for me to stay  focused when translating it. The way I’m translating it actually needs that focus so… 1,610 more words


Prologue | Chapter 14.5 – Starstruck Podcast Featuring Neil Denierre Tyler

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[Everything Changes] Another World and New Rules

As Hades came through the other side into the back alley, he bent over, feeling his breath ripped from his lungs. It took a moment as his brain tried to clear the strange fuzziness it now had. 2,776 more words


LNL - Prologue

Here you go!!! I hope this goes well!!

“Mama, wake up!” I shake my mother as I try to wake her up. I’ve been trying to wake her up for about an hour now, but there’s still no response. 55 more words

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