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Stream: 'Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition'

Alternate Title: Out Of This World

Developer: Éric Chahi, Delphine Software International, Interplay Entertainment, Magic Productions

Publisher: Delphine Software International

Original Release: 1991

Anniversary Release:

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Three To Explore (2015)

1. City.
2. Country.
3. Outer space.
Another world.


Fantasy Fiction Genre...

What is fantasy genre?

Fantasies can be those stories which involve supernatural beings or events which cannot exist in real life.

Characteristics of Fantasy-


Fantasy Movies....

There are so many of them based on Fantasy as genre …. 

I am sharing some of them, to give an idea  of so many possibilities we have  under fantasy …..



Expect the Un-Expected

I have always considered myself to be a optimisic person and through the years, my optimism has decreased.  Life has a way of doing this to us and at times, it’s hard to find the silver lining in any situation as we get older. 101 more words


When worlds collide (and squidgy things from other demotions try and eat your face).

Dimensions are tricky things, one moment your happily working on your experimental teleportation device, the next you’ve caused a resonance cascade scenario and the residents of a parallel universe are advancing up your patio. 398 more words