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Teaser Project | Pathetic Plant

Jay Corridor-

A short teaser project, that is more likely to happen then both Invespher and reborn rabbit (Considering how much I have done).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. 111 more words

Another World

Has the world always been this unequal? WEF

Oxfam’s latest report claims that income inequality has reached a new global extreme, exceeding even its predictions from the previous year. The figures behind this claim are striking – just 62 individuals now hold the same wealth as the bottom half of humanity, compared to 80 in 2014 and 388 in 2010. 1,130 more words


Another World Is Possible -Joseph E. Stiglitz

Four years after his global bestseller Globalization and Its Discontents, Joseph E. Stiglitz offered his agenda for reform. Now in paperback, Making Globalization Work puts forward radical new ways of dealing with the crippling indebtedness of developing countries, a new system of global reserves to overcome international financial instability, and an economically incentive framework for dealing with energy pollution which create global warming and which threaten us on a planetary scale. 583 more words


What should the future of capitalism look like? Dan Kedmey

Should we retire labels like capitalism or socialism? Can we embrace the messy, uncategorizable economic reality? Two economists discuss

Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis calls himself a libertarian Marxist Keynesian — or “completely confused,” as he jokes. 1,999 more words


A model for a new economy

Participatory Economics is a model for a new economy based on democracy, justice and ecological sustainability proposed as an alternative to our current economic system. 1,082 more words


The end of capitalism has begun - Paul Mason

This mind blowing vibrant article is written by Paul Mason; which has been, because of its popularity, shared 430,690 times in various social Media so far. 3,278 more words


Wisp's Path | Cp 3

Well, not much to say. I am having slight writers block on this story at the moment as I am at a point where I am not sure how to continue. 1,531 more words