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Prologue | Chapter 17.5 – Watchers On The Sidelines

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Mandrake’s scribblings: Hello~ Here’s the new chapter. A little peek at the reserve players in the arena. Next chapter is a battle arc, so it will take a while. 1,821 more words


RR Chapter 19: Heartbroken

To think I haven’t posted a chapter since Christmas… Sorry, I was way lazy and totally dead bored of the copy pasting repetition I have to do when I translate… Ah, has it been about a year now since I started? 2,297 more words


Wave 3 Dreamcast Releases Available to Preorder on RushOnGame.

As you have most likely seen by now, JoshProd has been teasing a reveal banner this week to which each day leading up to the 10th May has shown another blank square where a ‘hidden’ Dreamcast release hides. 335 more words


Prologue | Chapter 17 – The Six Warriors | Reunion for the Final Mission

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Mandrake’s scribblings: Well this is the second time and it’s much worse. TWO DAMN MONTHS. This mandrake apologize for his incompetence. It got into a business venture with another person. 4,954 more words


Alien Abduction- The Story of A Female World (Episode-2)

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Extreme sports were my hobby. Biking, Tracking, Skydiving and kick boxing were few things I enjoyed in free time. I was an Alpha male, that’s why they might choose me. 937 more words


Alien Abduction- A Story of the Female World ( Episode-1)

There are trillions and trillions of stars in our universe. Around those stars revolves planets like planets in our solar system. Scientist believes that there are many earth like planets in our universe far away from us. 591 more words

Space And Technology

Song of the Week #14 (2018) - The Cathode Ray

This week’s Song of the Week features Edinburgh’s The Cathode Ray with their first new recording in 3 years:

‘Another World’ is available to download and stream now and is taken from the band’s third LP “Heightened Senses” which is due out in the Autumn. 76 more words