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RR Chapter 3: To the Castle

TLN/EN: I kind of took it from Slackerdog since he has been inactive with it for over half a year, well as it seems like it would be ok its fine. 1,570 more words


Richard Burgi

I been watching The Sentinel on GetTV. I had never seen it before. I am now in lust with Richard Burgi, who I recently discovered also appeared on… 65 more words


Sunday Morning To Music

I started off today with memories of my parents swimming pool in Singapore, fifteen years ago.
Every weekend morning we would meet there, friends and family, the self termed ‘Rejects Club’. 445 more words

Personal experience with Aspergers.

Hello again,

As you may have seen that I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child. So I decided to shed my light on this topic. 695 more words


Economists Ignore One of Capitalism’s Biggest Problems

By Steve Keen | Evonomics

I like Joe Stiglitz, both professionally and personally. His Globalization and its Discontents was virtually the only work by a Nobel Laureate economist that I cited favourably in my… 154 more words


Sharing values and power: What is Trumpism all about?

A power is a similar situation of addiction. There may be endless debate on where power must be. Generally, the terms ‘power over’ ‘power with’ ‘power to’ and ‘power within’ (a lecture note, 2016) are used to ‘express’ the power. 480 more words


Truyện Monster no goshujin-sama (vol 1- vol 4)

Tên Truyện:

Tiếng Nhật:モンスターのご主人様

Tiếng Anh: Monster no goshujin-sama

Tiếng Hoa: 我的怪物眷族

Tác Giả: Higure Minto

Tiếng độ: vol 7 (còn đang ra tiếp) 188 more words