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I mentioned before that I spent most of the fall and first half of the winter doing some magick to send energy to the Neteru and some Work They were engaged in then. 399 more words


Anubis Is The Sweetest

It was a really crappy day today. I had a headache and was just generally feeling down. Late this afternoon I decided to lie down for a while and see if it helped, but I felt bad for not doing something more productive. 32 more words



I was always the lit student who hated talking about themes—give me story, characters, symbolism, but themes always seemed so heavy-handed, so intrusive by the author, even patronizing. 359 more words


Worlds Colliding

More in the growing list of strange “coincidences” that has been my January. Since the New Year, Anubis started nudging me significantly in a particular direction—it doesn’t seem quite right to call it a “path”…more like a philosophy or way of thinking. 351 more words


The Only Thing To Fear...?

I keep getting this recurring theme lately of fear and overcoming it. The Work that the Neteru were doing for the last few months had to do with fighting forces of fear; according to Them that’s why when things got more serious They shielded me from it, even up to extraordinary lengths when it wasn’t going well—because if I was afraid, I’d be unwittingly lending strength to Their enemies. 658 more words


O Muse

Once you were simply the one who watched me from the darkness.  An occasional glimpse of golden eyes, nothing more.

Then you stepped into my life when I called you, and our hearts became tangled together.   104 more words


I'm Just Going To Leave This Here...

Because I found it and it made me laugh. Happy Christmas!! :)