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One Year With Anubis

Tonight (April 30th) will be one year since I took my first oath to Anubis. One year since I knelt before my not-even-finished-yet altar and tentatively crept into astral to say my words and He surprised me by saying some of His own as well. 125 more words


For My Beloved Jackal

Because I hate seeing You so sad, seeing this wound that never heals and knowing I can’t fix it. It’s one I understand, too, and that no one should ever have to live. 32 more words






From Now On


Taking a break today from all this seriousness I’ve been posting about lately. I found this brilliant picture and had to share:

That’s the very famous Anubis shrine from the tomb of Tutankhamen (the same one that’s up there in my blog’s title image)…and He’s wearing a fringed blanket!!!! 30 more words



So it’s over. Things finally came to a finale in dramatic fashion over Friday night into Saturday morning. I’m shown yet again that really, *really* don’t screw with the Neteru. 677 more words


Anpu / Anubis

Jackal-headed warrior
Guardian of my ways between
Thank you for how you
Protect my spirit
Keep me safe
How I honour all of your names… 26 more words


Open My Heart...

Love doesn’t come easily to me. I experience it, but it’s a thing that happens in my mind, not something I feel in my heart. I have the distant, stoic kind where I could stand up and die for what (or whom) I cared about, but not the compose songs and soliloquize on the way to the executioner sort. 598 more words