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Ancestor altar

Anpu and my ancestors got offerings of whisky, shisha, incense, and rose oil, with love, as I petitioned for my health, strength, and energy. Nature was kind enough to gift me yesterday with a gardenia blossom for love and purity, and crepe myrtle bark for strength, change, and union. 12 more words


Calling Myself Out

Despite my best intentions and efforts, this has been another really difficult week. The cosmic 2×4 has been working overtime and I’ve found myself drowning in one painful realization or difficult conversation after another. 1,312 more words


Anubis Is A Tough Boss

He’s been…intense the last thirty-six hours or so. Not that I necessarily expected anything less (especially not with all that expectant “evil villain hands” He was doing, haha), but I didn’t quite expect things to happen so *fast.* 575 more words


No More Waiting

I haven’t felt like writing the last few days. I was really hoping at the end of last week that things would start get better finally…but nothing is ever that easy, right? 664 more words


The Gods Love Dogs!

Two nights ago, my dad noticed a super swollen place around one of our doggy’s teeth. He was due for a vet check-up in the next couple weeks anyway so we made him an appointment early to get it checked. 324 more words


Rust And The Desert

Fun Fact: Apparently working with rusted things falls under the purview and power of the Lord of the Desert.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been working on rebuilding my totaled SUV from my accident last year, Metallicar-style. 206 more words


May The Fourth Be With You

Jedi Anubis wishes you a happy Star Wars Day:

Hehehe… :D