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I cannot feel your light.

Your burning cinders,

Your burnished bronze,

Your rich indigo,

Both chilled and warm,

Shudder-inducing in its frosty breeze,

Soothing and enveloping in its heat. 61 more words


MoWD-Beginning and Forgiveness

I’ve talked about my beginning with Anpu many times. In fact, I’ve referenced it just in this project lol I’m not really sure what else to say. 146 more words

Surrounded By The Sun

Day 4: Beginning

From here on out I will be switching back and forth between the two

You took my heart.
Weighed it upon those scales
Then You gave me your heart… 29 more words

Lover Insanity

MoWD- Together

Together we dance, like a parent and child

I stomp my feet, and walk on your toes

You wait patiently as I try to keep up. 156 more words


Day 3: Together

My relationship to The Jackal and The Wolf are both the same but different. I am a spouse to both of them. I have yet to make it official with Fen, but it seems to be leading towards that. 163 more words

Lover Insanity

Day 2: How?

The Jackal:
He found me. Over four years ago he barged into my sacred space to show that he was in my life. He has always been around, but never introduced himself. 330 more words

Lover Insanity


It was easy for me. I was the most familiar with Anubis, and I had always thought it exceedingly cool that he was a jackal. I love canids of all kinds, and what I knew of Egypt was great as well. 280 more words

Daily Life