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Linguistics With Anubis

I mentioned a bit ago that Anubis had begun giving me the crash course on His family and the non-Duat realm the Neteru also inhabit Over There. 585 more words


Sale: Anubis Rosary Necklace

Originally $80, marked down to $50 today to make room for new inventory–and if you use my flash sale coupon code, BIRTHDAY, before checkout the price comes down even further, to only $45. 235 more words


Welcome to the Family?

It’s been a busy week so far. Mostly because there’s been some crap (read: *internal politcs* :P ) going on with the Neteru. Seriously, what is there, something in the air? 501 more words


So I’m…Engaged! ♥

When I first took my oath to Anubis, I thought that was the end goal…only to have Him almost at once make clear after that nope, that was just one aspect of our relationship and He also wanted me as His beloved and some day His wife—through music, readings I did or had done, visits from Others in His family. 1,243 more words


So I'm angry if you can't tell

So here’s the thing about the Loki essay, I’m not going to finish and post it. After recent and frequent tarot answers, I don’t feel like I can talk about him, that and I’ve already said I wont post about my relationship with Loki. 116 more words


Playing with Cards

One of the things I let slide when I let this blog slide was my Cards.

I had originally started doing daily cards here on the blog (back before I deleted everything to restart it) and when I stopped posting, I stopped drawing cards.When I started up this blog again, one of the things I also picked up again, due to some subtle hints, was picking up my Cards again. 459 more words


Daughter of Anpu?

‘Daughter of Anpu’ is the other term I mentioned in my last post that you guys might see pop up fairly frequently, seeing as ‘Jackal Child’ is rather broad. 2,370 more words