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New Anubis Altar!

I have a new personal altar/shrine space for Anubis! It’s the first time I’ve changed it up in the two years since I first set it up and it was past time for some changes. 536 more words


Red Roses

The last three nights, Anubis has taken me traveling. I haven’t spent much time in astral lately outside of rituals and meetings where I’m expected. He took me to His house in the Between and there’s a room there that looks out to a garden. 107 more words


Easter Vigil

Four years ago today I joined the Catholic Church. It was during the middle of my whirlwind “World Tour” of religions during the five years I was looking for Anubis, and, of all the paths I visited during that time, it was the only one I officially converted into along the way. 1,748 more words



I’m going to tell the story of how Anubis saved my life. This is the “what happened in 2008-2010” I’ve mentioned before. I meant to tell it last year and ended up attacked by spirits who wanted to silence me instead…and a spirit-asshat tried again (very unsuccessfully) to silence me this year. 3,186 more words



I’ve mentioned a few times before here that I was in a serious car accident back in August where my car rolled over three or four times down an embankment. 688 more words


Week Recap

It’s been weird week or so for me, but to catch up:

1) Chinese New Year was yesterday. Definitely a bit outside my usual schedule of holidays, but the three oldest of my astral godchildren have Chinese heritage, so the chosen family—or at least those of us left—gathered at their new home in astral to celebrate with fireworks and red envelopes. 219 more words


Book Of Truths

I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster for the last little while—and not in a good way. It’s one where I go from feeling like I’m catching breaks and hopeful that things will get better to a few hours later wondering if I’m going to be homeless in a couple of months. 854 more words