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2018/5/13           Day 245


這次的重點,是來看安溥的演唱會。屈指一算上一次看她已是五年前,潮水箴言的香港站。還記得那次身處star hall,站在人群當中聽著張懸的歌,我的情緒無法不被牽動,她的音樂就是有這份感染力。



演出算是準時開場。一下子就被有如Fever Ray般鬼魅而力量強大的氛圍所震撼,還有令人驚喜的視覺效果,每個懸掛於半空的立方都是視覺效果的一部分,加上投影和燈光,時而出現彩虹和流動海浪的影像,不得不讚,這是我看過最用心的視覺演出。




Three Years

Tonight will be the three-year anniversary of my first oath to Anubis…and it remains, in my mind, perhaps the most important. Even more than the very significant one that followed it on the evening of October 31st, even more than the life-changing permanent oath and marriage vows on the summer solstice that followed that. 428 more words

The Road Goes Ever On And On...

Holidays of Anubis

The Egyptian Daybook by Tamara L. Siudd

Circle of the Sun: Rites and Celebrations for Egyptian Pagans and Kemetics by Sharon LaBorde

I Akhet 6-7… 122 more words


Anubis Altar

I finished rebuilding my Anubis altar this morning! Some things ended up staying about the same and others changed around but I really like how it turned out. 449 more words


Missing Anubis

I’ve been taking stock of where I am with things and where to focus next a bit over this past week. Altar cleansing and rebuilding tends to get me thinking that way and I’ve also been struggling with a brutal, on-again off-again headache most days now that left me in a quiet, contemplative sort of mindset. 337 more words

The Road Goes Ever On And On...

Full Supermoon in Gemini

Within this rite I connected not only to the Fill moon but the powers of Gemini and Mercury, with guidance from Anpu. One he’ll of a connection right. 255 more words

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