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I Hate Pink

…But I just made a pink candle. With pink and white-that-glitters-rose glitter. Because somewhere inside this maladjusted young woman there must be a little girl who wanted to be a princess and believe in fairy tales. 605 more words


Astral Weapons

I have a history of being attacked by Things. I’ve never tried to get in fights, but Things–I nicknamed them “creepies” a number of years ago–just always found me with a scary, relentless determination. 743 more words


And Then a Thing Happened...

Tonight I went for a random drive and asked Anubis to come along (I do a lot of thinking while driving and He’s showed up in my car quite a few times before anyway) and gave Him control of the music and was like “okay, let’s talk, maybe have some of that recovery and trust-building time we seem to need.” 109 more words


So That Didn't Take Long...

Anubis and I have already hit our first bump in the road. Already, I know. After barely twenty-four hours. It wasn’t anything really shattering but the first night after my ceremony ritual we had a moment in the other-world before I went to sleep. 1,333 more words


Rings for My Loves

These are the rings I wear. The black gemstone ring is the one I wear for The Jackal. It represents my marriage to him and the bond we have worked to heal. 180 more words

As The Path Turns


So last night happened and I am now oath-bound to Anpu for the next six months. Although I am going to keep most of the details of the ritual to myself, I did want want to share a few things…and what happened afterward. 723 more words


Everything is Ready...

So I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that tonight I’ll be taking an oath to Anpu that will bind me to Him and–if things work out–become the first of several oaths I will take to Him over the next few years. 482 more words