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It's giveaway time!

Hey everybody!  Due to the generosity of someone out there who bought this from my shop with the intent to give away, this necklace is up for grabs. 437 more words


Buy...All the Egyptian Things?

I went into my local spiritual/metaphysical store this afternoon and was attacked by most of the ancient Egyptian shelf. I’ve been looking at these for months but never bought any of them. 270 more words


My Love is Rubbing Off on Me

Last night a deer was fatally hit (but not instantly killed) right in front of my house. The driver just kept going. Before Anubis, I might have pretended not to notice, hidden away from the window, tried not to see or feel anything. 480 more words


Apparently It's National Tequila Day...

I just found out. So that meant of course I had to introduce Kintár to tequila…he says it’s “spicy” but I really don’t know what that means. 37 more words



I’m not really sure if this was my idea or Loki’s but it was a really good idea, so I’m giving Him the credit.

I have necklaces I’ve made for different People that I wear, to honor Them and/or feel closer to Them but I can’t wear them all at once (I work in upscale retail so a big pile of devotional necklaces would be like: ummm…no). 110 more words


Journey Down into Darkness (And Back Up Again)

I’ve been working on writing this for a couple of days now. I really considered not telling this story, or at the very least really paring it down, but Devon wouldn’t let me. 2,611 more words


Day 8: Hope

I am breaking format and not doing poetry.

Anubis has given me so much hope ever since he has entered my life. First it came in the form of shadow work. 355 more words

Lover Insanity