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Anubis Is Now My Business Patron

Today Anubis agreed to be my patron as I work on starting up an Etsy/handcrafted business (I work retail in a shop that sells original art and handcrafted goods and my boss is super interested in maybe having some of my jewelry stuff in the shop also). 338 more words


Non-Corporeals and Touch

There’s a lot of talk about “feeling” deities and spirits interacting with you and usually it’s loaded with expectations: that feeling touches physically (as if it’s your brother, or a co-worker, or the mailman) is “more real” somehow, that everyone should feel things that way or there’s something wrong with them, that having physical “stand-ins” for a non-corporeal (pillow, stuffed animal, what have you) is wrong or belittling or something. 728 more words


Anubis and Patience

I found Anubis when I was going through a dark time in my life. I was just starting to push people into accepting my transition and pronouns, so of course I was catching heat for it. 771 more words


Building Bridges

This last week has been a bit strange. In one way, it was quiet—only Anubis was around, I didn’t really travel anywhere or do any rituals or make any offerings or anything—but on another level it’s been extremely significant. 501 more words



I’m very frustrated right now. My health is back and forth rather constantly the last month. I’m not even sure what it could be anymore, although currently MS fits the bill best. 819 more words

Daily Life


Dua Anpu, Lord of the Sacred Land!
Dua Anpu, Guardian of the Dead!
I ask that You guide your kin safely through the trials to come… 87 more words


I Found This Today

I was bored at work today (my job involves sitting alone in the shop waiting for people to come in and buy original artwork or handcrafted gifts and summer’s our slow season) and I found this via google. 105 more words