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Fan Friday 10-27

We’ll see if the Bills can remain undefeated at home against the Raiders Sunday. Here are your questions on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills and email at AskChris@bills.nfl.net… 876 more words

Inside The Bills

Anquan Boldin Is A Sandbagging SOB

As I opened Twitter last night to start ragging on the Dolphins who played like dog shit on Thursday Night Football, I noticed some buzz going around about Anquan Boldin. 353 more words


NFL: The Cause, Explained

One thing that has been noticeably missing from the protests of the NFL’s special snowflakes is any coherent cause compelling their concerns. “The man is keeping me down,” “all whites are racists/white supremacists,” “the cops are killing us all”—even when the police officers that shoot a black criminal are themselves black—are all generalized complaints, as are desires for social justice and “equality” in general, but until now, no one has, in any coherent, reasonably intelligent manner, explained what the protests are all about. 1,473 more words


NFL Arrogance--UPDATED

I did not play football in high school. I was too busy with track, soccer, music and theater. Over the years, I never developed the habit of watching sports on television. 1,423 more words


On the "Lurie School" of Critics

We live in a solutions-oriented society; or at least a society that seeks “pass-the-buck solutions” attached to legitimate victim complaints rather than actually hearing out victims or their advocates. 871 more words

Colin Kaepernick

NFL Players Ask League To Support Activism Awareness Month

A group of players has officially asked the NFL to get behind Activism Awareness Month. 404 more words


Goodbye, Anquan Boldin

After bursting on the scene with arguably the greatest debut for a rookie wide receiver in NFL history – 10 catches for 217 yards and two touchdowns against the Detroit Lions – Anquan Boldin spent the next 13 years muscling his way through NFL defenders and into the record books. 147 more words