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Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi surrendered to ICC for war crimes against mausoleums and mosques in Timbuktu, Mali

Today, Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi (Abu Tourab), was surrendered to the International Criminal Court (ICC) by the authorities of Niger and arrived at the Court’s Detention Centre in the Netherlands. 320 more words


Destroying Timbuktu: The Jihadist who Inspires the Demolition of the Shrines


The charismatic military leader of Salafist rebels in Mali may just be helping to found an Islamic caliphate but he is also taking apart an ancient city’s heritage. 1,331 more words


Destroying Timbuktu: The Jihadist Who Inspires the Demolition of the Shrines

Omar Hamaha is a one-man whirlwind of piety and fury. For more than a decade he has been accused of raiding government outposts in Mauritania, … 1,305 more words


Tombeau de la culture

“Après les mausolées de saints, Ansar Eddine avait menacé ce week-end de s’en prendre aux mosquées de la ville, affirmant agir ainsi “au nom de Dieu” et en représailles à la décision de l’Unesco, le 28 juin, d’inscrire Tombouctou sur la liste du patrimoine mondial en péril. 372 more words

An unholy alliance

The Economist

Tuareg rebels and al-Qaeda unite to create a fierce new state in the north

GUNFIRE pierced the night quiet. For weeks, inhabitants of the ancient desert towns of Gao and Timbuktu had feared that rival Tuareg rebels would clash. 460 more words


Is Al-Qaeda Beefing Up Its Presence in Mali?


Ali Cissé, 30, a shopkeeper, couldn’t contain his curiosity when a new wave of gunmen rolled into town. Outside the governor’s compound in downtown Gao — a dusty administrative center of adobe architecture and open skies — he saw a fleet of armored vehicles with foreign fighters standing guard. 648 more words


Mali’s Fog of War: Refugees Tell of Terror, Hunger and Rape


It took Ibrahim Touré three weeks to escape from Timbuktu after rebels seized the desert town, but, in his heart, he hasn’t really left. The 26-year-old shopkeeper studies the floor as he talks, cradling a welter of scabs and fresh scar tissue on his right elbow. 950 more words