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St Anselm doth protest too much

Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury in 1093. His tenure was not particularly successful, as he clashed with the two kings – William Rufus and Henry I – who ruled while he was in office and ended up spending much of his time in exile. 701 more words

Gaunilon's First Objection

Gaunilon disagreed. Though he was a monk contemporary with Anselm, Gaunilon thought the ontological argument did not justify the conclusion. Gaunilon argued against it on two fronts: God’s uniqueness and Anselm’s absurd logic. 308 more words


Scripture: Soul of Theology

Borgjie B. Distura

As believers, our Christian faith is nourished by the Word of God.   According to Fitzmyer and borrowing from St. Anselm we also seek to understand the faith we profess and this is doing strictly speaking… 1,565 more words


A Return to the Ontological Argument

I came across a video on another blog that depict’s the age-old ontological argument by Anselm.

Apparently it’s been modified heavily since (I don’t really keep track of the philosophy world as I should). 840 more words


Rubbish miracles #1

Much hagiography is concerned with the miraculous. Water into wine, divine cures, divine vengeance, all should be in some way familiar even to those that have no knowledge of the middle ages or Christianity. 338 more words


I was reminded of Soren Kierkegaard’s famous and oft misunderstood phrase, “leap of faith,” when I heard an Orthodox acquaintance talking about faith. The generally accepted starting point for an Orthodox understanding of faith is that it is… 1,004 more words


Anselm's Argument

Before accepting or denying the existence of anything, it is required that one define the thing in question. If one claims to deny the existence of unicorns or Harry Potter, one must define the characteristics of unicorns or Harry Potter. 352 more words