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What I'm Reading II: Mary, Aquinas, the Devil, Snape, and the Birth of Narnia

David Russell Mosley

St Polycarp
23 February 2015
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, as often happens, the books I read have changed since the last time I updated you on what I’m reading. 749 more words

Book Reviews

Anselm vs. Some Modern Anselmians

“Let no one, therefore, be in a hurry to plunge into the thicket of divine questions . . . . approach questions concerning holy Scripture as cautiously as possible.” (Anselm, 

5,399 more words

briefly, fire still burns

At the very core of everyone is fire.

Like the sun or earth, everyone has a center, and that center is combustible. Some people blow up, others use that core as fuel, but everyone puts their respective most important things near the core. 492 more words


Humbersaurus Rex

Section 140 is standing at the fringe of time

As he sat in the cabriolet drinking from his ubiquitous flask of coffee, Vernon felt numb and his thoughts turned without his consent to the nonsense filter. 494 more words

Creative Writing

What I'm Reading: Heaven, Mary, God's Existence, Dragons, and the End of the World

David Russell Mosley

2 February 2015
The Edge of Elfland
Hudson, New Hampshire

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, we’re experiencing yet another snow storm here in New England, and while not a blizzard this time it is still keeping me and my family inside. 774 more words

Book Reviews

Virgin Birth

Don’t let anyone tell you that modern science proves that virgin birth is impossible.  It proves the very opposite. We now know that with the right technological intervention it is possible for a woman who has never had sex to give birth. 887 more words

Bertrand Russell

ანსელმ კიფერი

ანსელმ კიფერი არის გერმანელი მხატვარი და მოქანდაკე. ის დაიბადა 1945 წლის 8 მარტს. სწავლობდა ჯოზეფ ბოისსა და პიტერ დრეერთან ერთად. ის თავიდან სამართალმცოდნეობით იყო დაინტერესებული და განათლებაც ამ სფეროში მიიღო, მაგრამ მოულოდნელად მიატოვა არჩეული პროფესია და სამხატვრო აკადემიაში გააგრძელა სწავლა.

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