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Answering ancient questions: what is goodness?

People’ve been asking this question for a long, long, long time.

About 2,300 years ago, in ancient Greece, a very wise man named Plato recorded many of the words of his master, Socrates. 575 more words

Anselm on the Blessed Virgin Mary (Quote of the Day)

God himself, who made all things, made himself from Mary … He who was able to make all things out of nothing … would not remake them without Mary’s help.

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Quote Of The Day

Proclaiming the Year of the Lord's Favour

Interacting with a god is a tricky thing. Not least of all because by definition a being outside of our dimensional constraints would be incomprehensible to us. 2,164 more words


Ontological Argument For God's Existence: Anselm of Canterbury

“AND so, Lord, do you, who do give understanding to faith, give me, so far as you knowest it to be profitable, to understand that you are as we believe; and that you are that which we believe.

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Lost in Logres reanimated

In an effort to write again, and to spread myself about a bit (I’m told this is a must for generating interest in one’s work) – internetly speaking – I’ve decided to resume blogging; but only in the sphere of poetry, stories, art and spirituality.   183 more words


Below the Top 1000, Part 27 (Girls)

Hi everyone!

Before I get into my usual list of rare names, I wanted to mention a couple of interesting sightings from this past week.  The first one was from a local obituary – a woman who had the middle name LaTisha.  328 more words

Baby Names