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Celebrating Cur Deus Homo - Part II: Anselm's use of Chalcedonian Christology

    Jesus Christ is the God-Man who is fit to be humanity’s saviour. He is able to pay the debt, to make the satisfactory recompose required by God on behalf of humanity. 923 more words

Consider Your Freedom

Perhaps free will lies somewhere between politics and marriage on the list of most sensitive topics for the Christian. Free will has been viciously attacked and defended throughout the centuries in the quest for understanding human freedom in relation to the power of God. 803 more words


St. Anselm and the Cross of Christ

This post is dedicated to my sisters and brothers in the Cymry’r Groes, Llanelwy – the Welsh People of the Cross in St. Asaph. A new group of dedicated young people in the diocese who are seeking to be faithful disciples in the way of the Cross. 564 more words


Celebrating St. Anselm's Cur Deus Homo - Part I

    ‘Teach me to seek You, and reveal yourself to me as I seek, because I can neither seek You if You do not teach me how, nor find You unless You reveal Yourself. 1,092 more words

A European Archbishop: St Anselm

Today the Church honours St Anselm. We honour him at St Chrysostom’s in a stained glass window in the north aisle. Also nearby, in Victoria Park, he is the patron of St Anselm Hall, one of the halls of residence of Manchester University. 288 more words


God of Love: Introduction and Chapter One Overview


  1. Mirabai Starr’s description of her own relationship with spirituality and religion resonated with me greatly. I only attended church up until the second grade because Sunday School interfered with my brothers’ soccer games.
  2. 945 more words

How Penal Substitutionary Atonement Fails

As we discussed last time, the New Testament writers agree that the death of Jesus on the cross has a tremendous effect on us, but they never quite explain what they think this effect is or how it works. 1,514 more words