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More than just superheroes! but pointers to God???

I love Superheroes, but could there be more than just enjoyment and social constructs for entertainment. Could it be a sign for our desire to believe in something more? 620 more words


Thought's Traction

Consider these quotations from three philosophers you probably aren’t inclined to group together:

The light dove, cleaving the air in her free flight, and feeling its resistance, might imagine that its flight would be still easier in empty space.

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Thomas Aquinas

Jean-Luc Marion: "Is The Ontological Argument Ontological?"

The ontological argument is usually describe this way: existence is contained in the concept of God, therefore the sentence “God does not exist” is a logical contradiction.  921 more words


Atonement Through History - A Brief Survey - Part Two: Why God Became Man

“There are two major atonement theologies in the Middle Ages. The first of these is quite famous and originates from Anselm of Canterbury, who is probably most notable for his Ontological Argument for the existence of God. 888 more words


A Hayekian Account of Atonement

What an odd thing to imagine, a Hayekian account of the atonement! From what I’ve seen, Hayek was not a Christian and didn’t write theology. Why then would I imagine that any of his insights might be of use to Christian thinking about atonement? 1,067 more words


Lecture: Marcus Borg on "Why Jesus Matters"

In this lecture, the late New Testament scholar and theologian Marcus Borg discusses the relevance of Jesus from a perspective of Progressive Christianity, which often is characterized by questioning of doctrinal tradition, social justice/political activism, and radical acceptances. 1,160 more words


Worship in Heaven

Below are my notes from Sunday morning on Revelation 5:8-14. I have titled the post ‘worship in heaven’ because so much of the scene is set around the worship of God. 3,360 more words

Sunday Class Notes