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God of Love: Introduction and Chapter One Overview


  1. Mirabai Starr’s description of her own relationship with spirituality and religion resonated with me greatly. I only attended church up until the second grade because Sunday School interfered with my brothers’ soccer games.
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How Penal Substitutionary Atonement Fails

As we discussed last time, the New Testament writers agree that the death of Jesus on the cross has a tremendous effect on us, but they never quite explain what they think this effect is or how it works. 1,514 more words


The Greatest Prayer (Week 3)

This week we’re discussing chapters four and five of John Dominic Crossan’s book, The Greatest Prayer. Our reading is filled with definitions and re-definitions. Some are familiar terms; others quite archaic. 503 more words


PRAYER: I Am Frightened, by Anselm of Canterbury

I am frightened of living, Lord.
My whole life seems sinful or sterile.
Any fruits I bear are either false or rotten.
Nothing I do seems pleasing to you. 154 more words


Atoning for the Altar? Medieval Honor Culture and Leviticus

One of the oddest puzzles in the Law comes in the Day of Atonement ceremonies outlined in Leviticus 16. On this great and holy day, the sins of Israel accumulated throughout the year were cleansed and atoned for in the sacrifices offered up by the high priest in the Holy of Holies. 707 more words

Theories of Atonement: Commercial Theory

This theory is also known as the Anselmic theory as it was set forth by Anselm in the 11th century.  Through sin God was robbed of his honor and a resolution had to be reached that would require satisfaction or punishment of the sinner… 474 more words

Fulfillment of Deeper Desires

We’ve all got desires. Some would like to say that we are rational creatures able to make rational decisions, but let’s face it, no matter how stoic you may be, there are things in which you deeply long. 1,254 more words