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Church History (iTunes U): Medieval Scholasticism

Nearing the end of the RTS Church History series, the last several lectures provide interesting information about the middle and late medieval period, specifically related to Anselm, Aquinas, and the scholastic era. 644 more words

Christian Authors

Medieval Reflections on Love and Justice

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on various writing projects and reading in my spare time.  While I don’t have a new full-length essay to share, I thought I might post some extended excerpts from Alister McGrath’s illuminating book,  1,002 more words


For Anselm of Canterbury The Major Works Oxford Worlds Classics

All these have been served with a most appropriate coffee we have ever tasted or if we prefer, a crater of tea or a potion of uninformed juice, Holiday breaks in Canterbury, Our hotels yield with vast as well as outrageous Family Rooms in… 335 more words

Fast Monologion and Proslogion with the replies of Gaunilo

Virtually Anglo-Saxon is a prize-winning meditation on the role of New Media in contemporary scholarship. The book consists of four case studies focusing on texts and objects from the Anglo-Saxon period, with introductory and concluding chapters that consider more widely the question of New Media’s potential for scholars working in the ‘late age of print’. 260 more words

More than just superheroes! but pointers to God???

I love Superheroes, but could there be more than just enjoyment and social constructs for entertainment. Could it be a sign for our desire to believe in something more? 620 more words


Thought's Traction

Consider these quotations from three philosophers you probably aren’t inclined to group together:

The light dove, cleaving the air in her free flight, and feeling its resistance, might imagine that its flight would be still easier in empty space.

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Thomas Aquinas

Jean-Luc Marion: "Is The Ontological Argument Ontological?"

The ontological argument is usually describe this way: existence is contained in the concept of God, therefore the sentence “God does not exist” is a logical contradiction.  921 more words