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On the "Legal Influence" of the Latin West (A thought on culture and atonement)

I wanted to follow up that last post on Anselm and the culturally-situated nature of our atonement accounts. As mentioned, a frequent objection is that his framing is rooted in feudal conceptions of Lord and vassal relationships, and the place of honor within them, which were quite different from other social arrangements throughout history. 857 more words


"feudalism, run riot in the field of doctrine"? Sonderegger on Anselm and the Debt of Sin

“Perhaps no other theologian was so honored in his day and rebuked in ours as St. Anselm of Canterbury.”

So opens Katherine Sonderegger’s essay, “Anselmian Atonement” in the new… 1,113 more words


Colloquia Peripatetica #5 - Calvinism

There’s no such thing as Calvinism. The teachings of Augustine, Remigius, Anselm, and Luther, were just pieced together by one remarkable man, and the result baptized with his name. 30 more words

John Duncan

Anselm and Tertullian on Christianity and Philosophy

“What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem?”[1] Tertullian, a church father and apologist who lived in the late 2nd and early 3rd century AD, wrote a scathing critique of nominal Christians who fall headlong into false doctrine and heresies. 1,531 more words


Knocking out Comps: Anselm's Proslogion

Begin the Outlining series now. I have doubts that I’ll keep up with the magnanimity of this project, but if I do, I can’t even envision the capacity of my knowledge then. 2,829 more words


Christian Worldview Series #4: Theistic Arguments

In the series so far, we’ve talked about a Christian approach to God and the world. In the most recent installment, we discussed an approach which rejects God and views the world alternatively: atheism. 10,327 more words


Story Time with Uncle Anselm

Anselm was a brilliant guy. A genius. This past year, I read his book Why God Became Man. He published it in 1097, so you could say it’s a bit of a antique. 2,220 more words

Christian Doctrine