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Worship in Heaven

Below are my notes from Sunday morning on Revelation 5:8-14. I have titled the post ‘worship in heaven’ because so much of the scene is set around the worship of God. 3,360 more words

Sunday Class Notes

Funsized Fallacies: Red Herring

All the chewy goodness of fallacious reasoning in new fun-sized bites! 271 more words

Nate's Posts

A Metaethics for Rossian Deontology

I have titled this paper A Metaethics for Rossian Deontology. I will be doing four things in this talk. First, I will be giving a few reasons as to why deontological theories are superior to utilitarian theories. 3,597 more words


Why Gaunilo's Parody Fails as a Criticism of Anselm's Ontological Argument

Anselm’s ontological argument has been formulated various ways, but for now here is a version from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (originally from Plantinga):

  1. God exists in the understanding but not in reality.
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John's Posts

The Scholars of St. Anselm's. A Short Story.

Jon, Tom, Bev and Tammy were eating lunch together in the school yard of St. Anselm’s Elementary School. Jon and Tom were, as usual, trying to show off who was the best— the smartest, strongest, fastest, bestest. 900 more words

Short Story

Constellation; Year in review

Constellation has  been a blast this year, once again I was with Jonathan Clarkson, and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. The module that I undertook was ‘Puzzling out Contemporary Art’, and once again, it influenced my studio practice far more than I originally thought it would. 562 more words


Anselm vs. Some Modern Anselmians

Let no one, therefore, be in a hurry to plunge into the thicket of divine questions . . . . approach questions concerning holy Scripture as cautiously as possible…

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