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My Penultimate Move

A small explanation regarding the heading for this post.

After living for nearly forty years on the Northern Beaches the War Office and I have moved to the inner city suburb of Annandale. 420 more words


Ansett: A Very Australian Airline

For most Australians, aviation enthusiast or not, Qantas Airways represents the symbolic heart of the Australian commercial aviation industry. Indeed, this accolade is rightly held, as not only does Qantas represent one of the oldest Airlines in the world (founded 1920), but it is also Australia’s flag carrier which, despite recent economic misfortune, is likely to remain as an easily recognisable fixture and antipodean ambassador at international airports across the globe. 179 more words


True Blue, Mate: Client Liaison are heading to MOFO

Client Liaison know what it means to be true blue. Harvey Miller’s keys and Monte Morgan’s (often falsetto) vocals are more Aussie than you can poke a stick at, and they plan to crank their dated ’80s synths at MOFO on January 19. 750 more words

The consummate hypocrite

It’s all over the news that Julia Gillard is considering increasing the Medicare levy by roughly $300 a year to help pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 728 more words


How to help recapture the glamour of travel from the era when flying was something special and a status symbol.

I travel a lot for work. Here is how I try to recapture some of the fun and glamour of travel from the age of jet-setting when flying was something special. 421 more words

Why retro flight bags are "cool" and stylish

Are you a fan of the retro flight bag? What memories do flight bags bring back to you?

For me – the retro flight bag always brings back images of… 345 more words