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Big Questions

I have a lot of big questions on my mind, B I G philosophical, life-altering questions. These big questions answers¬†have changed throughout the years, just as they would change throughout anyone’s years. 280 more words


Maybe One Sentence

It’s amazing what one sentence can mean,

How one sentence can mean something inspiring,

How one sentence can change your mood for an entire day, 198 more words


define your words (day 87 of 100)

How do we decide what a word means?

If every person creates different definitions based on their individual experiences and what they allow others to tell / show them is truth –¬†how do I know if a word has the same meaning between me and you? 235 more words


Death to your ego (day 79 of 100)

Witness my wounded

sanity in ways

only you see fit

(the only way you can see),

rational vibration,

thought penetration,

take on actions

where breathe is no… 220 more words


meditation flow of thought. (day 68 of 100)

(allowing thoughts to invade mind space for 20 mins)

Winter came and I ate a ghost

for supper,

no longer leaving the confines of the bed – 211 more words


Hump day- just another day?(day 51 of 100)

Hello readers! Welcome to hump day.

Hump day is often associated (or at least I see it) as a way to relate to the work week… 239 more words


Scenario #1(day 47 of 100)

Scenario # 1

Hi readers. I’ve been having a hard time coming up with witty topics lately and luckily for me, my sister sent me an awesome book in the mail titled: … 499 more words