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You are the God

You are the God

Key Texts: Psalm 88:1-2

Lord, you are the God who saves me;

   day and night I cry out to you.

May my prayer come before you; 245 more words

Peace in time of war

There are four main religious groups in Lebanon: Maronite Christians, descended from the old Syriac church and united with the Roman Catholic Church, yet maintaining some of the old ways, including a married priesthood; Shiite Muslims; Sunni Muslims and Greek Orthodox. 443 more words

Faith And Life

Why doesn't God give me what I've asked for?

You’ve prayed for something earnestly. Perhaps it’s a little extra to help make ends meet. Or maybe it’s a new car to replace your old one. 865 more words


In Jesus Name...

Tonight we prayed again. Around 200 names to pray for. Names that people from Xcel Church wrote down recently. Family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. People we want to see become Christians. 248 more words


 Why Me?

I don’t know why my best friend suffers with depression and feels like he can’t possibly be loved by God. I don’t know why a mother loses her child. 189 more words


Joyful Tenants

Joy is not found from within. Joy is found from above. Here’s the issue, we cannot fully experience His full glory until we are (by the mercy of our Creator) accepted into His glory. 33 more words


Today I met a Man

Today I met a man
He sang to me.
He hugged me,
Embracing my utter presence.
He knew me.
He knew everything.
He walked into the room… 68 more words