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30 Day Challenge - #DayFourteen

Day fourteen, what would you do if you won the lottery?

I wouldn’t tell anyone I’d won the lottery. I’d buy my parents a house and a brand new car, pay of their debts and pay off my own debts. 17 more words


Three Stars

Hey! It’s Sunday which means it’s time for the Three Stars! So, basically what I do is  will pick to post about three books, three characters, three authors, etc. 960 more words


Best To Keep Silent — Orlando Espinosa

As difficult as it might be, it’s sometimes best to keep silent when dealing with foolish people!

via Best To Keep Silent — Orlando Espinosa…

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Question? (part thirty-four)

The General spent the same day adjusting his attitude. He prided himself for being the kind of leader that encouraged thought among those he led. He asked for opinions and used good suggestions. 632 more words

What Makes a "Security Question" Effective?

To keep some information private, we set a password to it. Sometimes, to strengthen the log-in system, we add a security question to lower the possibility of an accidental break-in. 334 more words


Question? (part thirty-three)

The morning chill on his face woke Toby. He slid a hand sideways inside the almost too warm sleeping bag and found no Sally. He dressed as best he could inside the small tent and unzipped the door. 1,120 more words

Question? (part thirty-two)

David pulled his phone out of his pocket and punched the icon that would ring The General; he held it to his ear and waited. 1,684 more words