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Get rid of the fucking levels, please. Often enough I’ve written about levels and how interesting they are, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, I make things flat. 1,395 more words


run time collections in express.js

iphone 4 update

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I am creating a web app, where user can create questions. Every time user creates a question a collection should be created, where all the answers to that question should be saved as documents in that collection. 141 more words


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Titanium: Have a touch event go through view

Mobile Applications

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I have an invisible view that is used as an area for a swipe (an area to open the menu swiping to the right). 147 more words


Well to say the least I’ve never really had an “ex” I dated one guy in like grade 7, 8 and kinda 9, but we were awards just friends and sometimes we’d say we were dating and idk, it was great. 213 more words

What is Blogs Exchange Platform ?

Well hey hi all my dear friends. Hope you all are doing great in life .

Today i was thinking to do something great and i got an IDEA. 147 more words


Having trouble using the Fax printer to programmatically create tiff

wireless settings in windows 7

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The below was an answer provided by user “Mike”. When I try the code in vb6 I get a corrupt tiff, when I try it in vb.net I get a 0 byte file. 220 more words