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How To Answer Is This Multi Level Marketing • Jay Warren

Been asked the question, Is this network marketing or multi-level marketing? If you haven’t, you will. Here’s how to answer that question. Watch the below

Question of the Week #94

On a busy street you are approached apologetically by a well-dressed stranger who asks for a dollar to catch a bus and make a phone call. 231 more words


Answer to Friday's Angle #95

How did you do wth the new Angle yesterday?

If you guessed the top of a water bottle, you guessed right! 😊

Thanks so much for playing, and I hope you enjoyed today’s game! 14 more words

Friday's New Angle

Taso Tidbits

Hello my gingerbread biscuits,

Today I wanted to run an idea by you. More often than not, I am told I give great advice. You know that girl who always has honest and helpful advice, who everyone goes to? 176 more words




The subject
Of emotions
On the specimen
In examination.


A question:
What is the objective?
An answer:
To combat the void.

At least it’s not boring. 15 more words

HELP!!--A Parable

In life, when I get into trouble, it is like falling into a lake, and I cry out to my Lord who loves me, to help me.  698 more words