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So I asked myself again

If I feel okay?

And you know what I answered?


I just didn’t answer at all

And you know why? 8 more words


May 20th

The question of the day is:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

My answer:

Stayed with a drunk man for almost 4 years even though he would make me feel unsafe all the time.


May 19th

The question of the day is:

Whats the most creative thing you’ve done recently
My answer:

Writing a product description for one of moms pieces of jewlery. 8 more words


A troubled mind is an arse on fire,

no peace in wine, truth just escapes the mind,

eventually, reality is ever present,

ever so real, ever inflicting pains… 32 more words



Isn’t amazing to have the ability to control the time and the events in our lives? Maybe no more people will be sad. Mistakes will be corrected right away. 343 more words

Wilbur Ross has links to Russia that he won't answer questions about

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The investigation into Russia’s influence over Donald Trump’s campaign has gained such momentum in recent weeks that full-throated arguments in the President’s defense are starting to sound feeble. 718 more words

Money Matters

Ask me anything...

​I try my best to keep a pretty extensive list of ideas I want to write about on the sideline just in case I run into one of those bad days when ideas just stop flowing. 270 more words